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Laura Loves the PLUM Snowdrop Interactive Kitchen

Laura Loves the PLUM Snowdrop Interactive Kitchen
Whenever we go to a playgroup, friend’s house or nursery that has a play kitchen I know I’m usually in for a break with the kids!

My toddlers love kitchens, the accessories and generally just the social aspect of playing together that comes with it.

We currently have a kitchen but when we received the PLUM Snowdrop Interactive Kitchen it may as well have been extinct! You see this is not your typical wooden kitchen, it comes to life and really takes interactive role play to another level giving them the chance to get even more imaginative.

Taking it out the box we nervously wondered how long it would take to construct but we needn't have worried as it’s a simple structure without all the different intricate compartments and or cupboards, also known as complications, some have! After about 90 minutes (record time for us!) we had it up and showing the kids, we loved seeing their little faces light up.
Washing Up with the Plum Snowdrop Kitchen

Structurally it’s a solid strong compact kitchen themed in baby blues and soft pinks with a whimsical winter-esque theme that has some good attention to detail in the design, such as the knobs and microwave handle. Both of the kids gave it a fair share of bumps and knocks and we didn't notice any chipping or loss of colour.

I couldn't believe the kitchen comes with accessories, wooden ones at that! I have seen my fair share of wooden kitchens and when purchasing one for my kids spoke to a lot of parents and conducted research to compare and I saw very few that came with any extras. Don't get me wrong, I am sure you will want to add to it but as a start it’s good to include pans and lids and a wooden spoon.

There’re many features kids can mess with until their hearts are content - from the mini chalk board to scribble their latest special, clock with movable hands and turnable knobs and handles on the sink and oven.
Cooking with the Snowdrop Kitchen

Taking technology to another level and setting this apart is the interactive element that can be added to it. If parents have a tablet they can download the PLUM app to work hand in hand with the kitchen. Once you've downloaded the app, you can insert your device into the universal holder to bring the microwave to life with added animation, sounds and lights. The visuals of different food items going through the cooking process were a lot of fun to our kids as they wondered what was going to come next. The nice thing is that the app will update providing new foods and sounds so it provides some longevity and increases their imagination.

There are plenty of wooden kitchens parents can choose from however I am not sure I have seen many ‘interactive kitchens’, and for a similar price I think it’s definitely a leading option.

Have a look at this great video -

The PLUM Snowdrop Interactive Kitchen is priced £99.99 from www.plumproducts.com.

Mum to 2 Under 3 and just finished maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. 'Continuously trying to get a ‘grip’ of motherhood and back to a size 10!'

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