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What Do New Mums Google?

What Do New Mums Google?
More often than not if there’s a question to be asked the answer can usually be found via Google.

The usefulness of the search engine isn’t lost on new mums, with questions such as ‘how can I get my child to sleep more’, ‘how to clear my baby’s nose’ and ‘why is my baby crying’ among the most commonly googled questions.

Researchers found thousands of mums turn to the internet to answer questions or concerns they have after having a baby, with health worries, sleeping habits and a child’s development, the most popular search topics. According to the new survey, having help on hand is reassuring, with almost two thirds of mums going as far as to describe Google as their ‘best friend’ during this time.
It also emerged as many as 85 per cent of mums felt they had no idea what they were doing after giving birth to their first child, with three quarters describing having a baby as the ‘biggest shock of their life’.

A spokesperson for Cussons Mum & Me, who commissioned the research, said: "Becoming a mum is a massive life-changing event, and it’s natural to feel unsure or apprehensive at times …. Mums often feel like they are the only one in the world worrying about a particular thing when more often than not it’s something really common that most mums will have experienced and asked for advice on. When you first bring your baby home,
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it can feel pretty daunting knowing you are responsible for this little person, who doesn’t come with an instruction manual. This can be especially true when dealing with their first cold or illness. But every mum you know will have been there, so you don’t need to feel alone about asking them for advice."

The study, of 2,000 mums, also found that 82% admit they feel constantly worried about their child. And when the concerns became too great, during their pregnancy and in the weeks and months after giving birth, it was Google that three quarters regularly turned to for answers.

‘How can I help my baby sleep more’ is the most common question asked by new mums followed by ‘How do I clear a baby’s nose during a cold’. ‘How to treat a teething baby’ is third in the list, along with ‘how do I treat a baby’s cold’ and ‘when should I wean my baby’. Other questions include ‘why is my child crying’, ‘how much milk should my baby have’ and is my baby’s rash normal’. ‘Are my baby’s nappies normal’ and ‘how long should my baby sleep for’ completed the top ten. The list also included questions such as ‘what is colic’, ‘how and when to potty train my child’, and ‘when should my child crawl or walk’.

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Social media is also a popular source for answers. 26%of mums have asked friends for advice on Facebook, while another 12% have turned to Twitter. Just over half have headed to parenting sites like TheBabyWebsite.com to find their answer, with 19% actually posting their question on parenting forums.

Researchers found for some mums though, the questions start immediately, with more than one in ten turning to Google on the day they found they were expecting. Another 17% did so within a few days of a positive test result. One in twenty even searched the internet for the answer to a question they had on the day they gave birth.

But as time goes on and new mums adjust to the new responsibilities and lifestyle, 87% found they worried less. And after the steep learning curve of their first child eight in ten spent less time googling things and worrying with their second or third children.

Top 20 most Googled questions by Mums:

1. How can I help my baby to sleep more/better?
2. How do I clear a baby’s nose during a cold?
3. How can I help a teething baby?
4. How do I treat a baby’s cold?
5. When should I wean my baby?
6. Why is my baby crying?
7. How much milk should my baby have?
8. Is my baby’s rash normal?
9. Is my baby’s poo/nappies normal?
10. How long should my baby sleep for?
11. What is colic?
12. How do I to potty train my child?
13. How often should my baby go to the toilet?
14. Does my baby have colic?
15. How do I get my child into a bedtime routine?
16. When should I start potty training?
17. My baby is constipated. What can I do?
18. When can I start to give my child water to drink?
19. When should my child start to crawl?
20. When should my child start to walk?

October 2014

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