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The Latest Baby Names Trends From 2013

The Latest Baby Names Trends From 2013
Amelia keeps the top spot for girls and Oliver ousts Harry as the top boy's name during 2013.

The spots in the top 10 held by Alfie and Riley have been replaced by Oscar and George and for the girls, Poppy has replaced Lily in the Top 10 Baby Names.

But what drives the choices that today's Mums and Dads make when it comes to naming their children?

The 2013 table looks like this:

Names from the British Royal Family have been consistently popular over the last few years with Harry and William both making the Top-10. Considering George was only born in 2013 it'll be interesting to see where he ends up on the list next year.

On the subject of royalty, the celebrity royalty has had an effect too: Did you know which of the Beckhams' kids has had the greatest impact on baby names? No, neither did we, but Harper, born in 2011 has seen a huge surge in popularity.

Names of pop artists seem to surge when they have a particularly successful single in the charts. Britney, Shakira and Rihanna each surged when their respective singles 'Baby One More Time', 'Whenever, Wherever' and 'Umbrella' all became huge hits.

Even Breaking Bad has had an effect, with Walter and Skyler climbing up the lists too.

One last interesting fact is that a baby girl born in 2013 is more likely to have a unique name than a baby boy born in the same period. There were more than 27,000 different boys' names recorded in the year compared to a huge 35,000 different girls' names.

Why not have a play with our Baby Names Finder to see what names you'd come up with.

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