Top Ten Parenting Worries

Top Ten Parenting Worries
Raising children will hopefully be the best, if one of the hardest jobs we’ll ever have.

Making decisions about our child’s schools, health, discipline and diet can leave a confident adult wracked with indecision. These choices can be difficult at the best of times, but new research has revealed that 68% of parents feel judged on the decisions they make for their child too.

The Nurofen for Children survey showed that the areas parents feel most judged on are diet and nutrition (50%), parenting style (43%) and more than a third feel judged on their child’s behaviour Interestingly, despite an abundance of social networks to keep Mums connected, mothers say that other parents are most likely to judge their own parenting style, followed closely by their mother-in-law and their own mum.

With regards to health, it can be difficult for first time mums, or even third time mums, to know where to turn. The research shows that 25% of parents would like more proactive support and advice on children’s health from their partner, whilst 21% would like more
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advice from pharmacists and GPs. Perhaps because of this, parents are more likely to turn to their own mums as the first port of call for head advice than their GP.

Dr Pixie McKenna, GP and mum of one comments on the findings: “Being a parent can be one of the hardest but most rewarding of jobs and one that causes plenty of second guessing. Whilst these results show that many parents feel judged on their parenting choices by others, there are also positive signs that parents are looking to each other - whether family and friends in person, or online support groups – for advice and support. Even as a GP, I still turn to my family and friends for their top tips when it comes to making choices for my child.”

A spokesperson for Nurofen for Children comments: “There are plenty of instances where as a parent you questions the choices you are making for your child – particularly when it comes to health issues. We want to encourage parents to talk to each other for support and advice and be confident in turning to their GP or pharmacist for further advice when needed. Crucially we want parents to feel that they are making advised decisions that are best for them and their child.”
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Top Ten Parenting Worries:

1. The health of my child (47.75%)
2. The safety of my child (47.70%)
3. That my child will fall in with the 'wrong crowd' (35.80%)
4. My child’s education (34%)
5. That my child will be bullied (33%)
6. That my child won't always confide in me (18%)
7. That my child won't make friends (16.5%)
8. That my child will forget their manners when they are away from me (16.5%)
9. That my child may not grow up in a happy family environment (13.10%)
10. That one day my child won't want to be hugged (13%)

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