Quick Sinkers

Quick Sinkers
Our beauty editor Kim Jones chooses moisturisers that are absorbed quickly – making the perfect make-up base for mums in a hurry...

I know I'm not the only mum who hasn't got time to leisurely lounge around, waiting for my morning moisturiser to sink in before applying my foundation or BB cream on top.

But going without moisturiser in the morning would be a no-no for my thirsty skin. Which is why I'm always on the lookout for creams that do a great job (hydrating, smoothing and making my skin feel comfortable) but do it quickly. Instantly, even. So that, immediately after applying, I can get on with the next job. No hanging around!

So, I thought I'd share with you other mums on the run out there some of my favourite lovely, light, perfect-for-summer moisturisers that sink in quickly but are super-effective too. Now, why can't everything in life be this simple?

Bioderma Hydrabio Light Moisturising cream £14.00, escentual.co.uk This is my favourite quick, faff-free fix at the moment. It's light, easily absorbed and refreshing on the skin, but don't be fooled by its lighter than light texture. Designed for dehydrated and sensitive skins, the Hydrabio range of creams contains a patented biological complex that stimulates the skin's ability to generate (and lock in) moisture. Which explains why, after a quick coating of this, I get through pretty much the whole day without my skin feeling tight and taut.
Soak it up

Pür Minerals Soak It Up, £21, marksandspencer.com. A mix between a gel and a cream, this gorgeous oil-free concoction is cooling and comforting, absorbs super-fast and leaves skin feeling lifted, toned and dewy. Perfect for a hot summer's morning when you want to cool off and hydrate quickly. Love the unusual shiny ball packaging too.
Garnier Essentials

Garnier Soft Essentials 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream enriched with Rose Water, £4.70, boots.com. A beauty bargain, this soft whipped cream soothes and nourishes my skin when it's feeling extra dry. Sinks in super-quickly, leaving a delicate scent of rose. Good to know it's packed with Vitamin E, renowned for its anti-oxidant properties, too.

A-Derma Hydralba Light Hydrating Cream, £13.50, Boots.com. This new French Pharmacy skincare range uses natural oat actives, known for their repairing, hydrating and soothing properties. Great as a fuss-free make-up base.
Vichy Idealia Smoothing & Illuminating Cream

Vichy Idealia Smoothing & Illuminating Cream, £22, boots.com. Combining the richness of a cream with the light texture of a gel, this pretty pink moisturiser contains Kombucha, a powerful tea extract that gives skin radiance plus AHAs to smooth the skin and LHA to promote cell renewal. Leaves skin super soft.

Here's to getting ready in a hurry – but doing our skin a great service at the same time. Result!


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