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Tips To Keep Creative Kids Happy

Tips To Keep Creative Kids Happy
Creative kids can be quite a handful at times – but don’t worry, this is just them trying to express themselves.

Rather than getting angry or stressed out by the things they do, it's a great idea to just sit back and just 'go with the flow' (so to speak).

Here are five top tips to keep creative kids happy...

Creative kids like imaginary worlds

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like imaginary worlds. Whether it’s fighting a dragon or exploring the jungle, get your kids to write down their adventures every once in a while and then perhaps read them out loud in front of the family.

Drawing pictures will also add to the experience, so give them all the pencils, crayons and paints that they need. You’ll be surprised at what stories they dream up!

Creative kids like freedom and space

Don’t be afraid to leave children – safely – to their own devices. Creative kids often thrive when they’re not under the watchful eye of an adult, so it’s good to take a step back now and again to aid their development.

Even if they get bored, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Give them enough time and frequency to get bored enough to use their own imagination. In fact, the more often you step back and give them space, the more they will become comfortable with their own creativity.
Bizzy Bitz

Creative kids like to learn

Learning helps to stimulate the brain, so always give your children the chance to discover new things. Have a box of My First Bizzy Bitz out on the floor; there is ample room for discovery and exploration in this open-ended toy.

Whatever it is, make sure you let them get a feel for it - learning is all about trial and error.

Creative kids like to get hands-on

Youngsters love nothing more than jumping straight into something and just getting on with it, so try and let them do things for themselves. From baking a cake to planting flowers in the garden, there are plenty of activities around the house for them to do. You could even get your kids involved with household chores such as putting their clothes away!

With Christmas just around the corner and along with it the chance of some snow, building a snowman complete with hat and scarf is a perfect opportunity for them to express their creative side.

Creative kids like making a mess

It may sound like a foolish thing to do, but allowing creative kids to make a mess can be extremely beneficial. Shredded paper, shaving foam, jelly and gloop are examples of sensory messy play.

Art is a fantastic way to express emotion. When children are given paints or crayons, you can guarantee they will find a way to put them to good use!

Create a space in the house where they can show off their talents, and always remember to be positive about their work.
Once they’ve finished make sure you clean up the mess together, as this will teach them respect for themselves and others.

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