Baby Teeth Timeline

Baby Teeth Timeline
When will my baby get his first tooth?

Well you bet your bottom dollar that he or she will start teething just when you've got him into a nice routine! Sorry mums and dads, but that's the way it is generally.

Seriously though, most babies will cut their first tooth at around the 6 month mark but in some babies that much-talked-about first tooth may appear as early as 3 months or even as late as 14 months. It can depend on when Mum and Dad cut their first tooth
and whether or not your baby was premature as babies born early tend to start teething a little later than other babies.

The good news is that not every baby will struggle with teething. Some babies will have all the teething symptoms known to man - the dribbling, bright red cheeks and crankiness - while other babies seem to sail through teething.

Baby Teeth Timeline

Usually, babies get their teeth in pairs. First the middle two teeth on the bottom will appear then about a month or so later, the middle two at the top will pop up. We say usually but of course when it comes to babies, they are all individual and it's not all that uncommon to see a baby with four bottom and none at the top, and vice versa.

Typically, it goes like this........
Baby Teeth Timeline

7 months: upper and lower central incisors
9 months: lower and upper lateral incisors
14 months: first molars
18 months: canines
24 months: second molars

September 2013

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