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Why Do I Waste My Time?

Why Do I Waste My Time?
So, why do I waste my time? Every day, I ask myself the same question.

It seems like I have so little time to think these past few weeks, never mind actually do all the things I need done.

The school holiday in my humble opinion needs to be banished! With The Tween winding up The Toddler and only a week in, I am at crisis point.

Who knew I would have to separate the pair of them 300 times in a day only to have gotten to the end of the day completing nothing on my list, my voice scratchy and the same phrase ingrained so deeply into my head that I fear when I open my mouth nothing other than the phrase “please can you stop it” will screech out.

My carefully written and researched lists on the run up to the holidays have long been torn up and are currently being used to light scented candles all around the house in varying forms of ‘calm’ fragrance …. They are not working - I have no calm, no time and now no patience either. Why it is that devastation, chaos and complete meltdowns only take a few hours to destroy all your hard work which you have carefully undertaken months beforehand?!

Never mind children coming with an instruction booklet they need to come with at least 6 extra hours of daytime in order to cover for all the time wasted writing lists and making plans for school holidays that never happen.

School where are you … all is forgiven, please come back? I am hanging on via my finger nails while we are all hanging out in different sections of the room not talking …..

Jaime Oliver
Augist 5 2013

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