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Bedwetting can be an upsetting and frustrating time for many parents, but you should not worry as it is very common in children under the age of five.

Such issues may cause many a sleepless night for both you and your toddler, but here are a few myths and truths surrounding bedwetting to reassure you:

Bullet  MYTH: If your toddler wets the bed, it is down to laziness.
Bullet  TRUTH: The issue of bedwetting can be a trying time for all involved, but your child is not doing it purposefully. Patience and reassurance is key.

Bullet  MYTH: Bedwetting is uncommon.
Bullet  TRUTH: Do not worry; bedwetting is actually very common in young children.

Bullet  MYTH: Preventing your child from drinking liquids just before bed will put an end to their bedwetting.
Bullet  TRUTH: This is incorrect. It may lessen the amount of urine due to less fluid intake; however it will not stop bedwetting.

Bullet  MYTH: Bedwetting means your child has behavioural problems.
Bullet  TRUTH: No, bedwetting is very common and it is just one of those things that can happen. It does not mean your child has behavioural problems.

Bullet  MYTH: Your child is to blame.
Bullet  TRUTH: Absolutely not. It is not theirs or your fault. Bedwetting is just something which can happen; it’s something that will go in time.

Bullet  MYTH: Bedwetting is a serious condition.
Bullet  TRUTH: There are many children who wet the bed, and for most there is nothing to worry about. With time, it will get better, just be a helping hand along the way until that day comes.

July 2013

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