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I Am a Blogger

I Am a Blogger
As some of you already know I have had a crisis of confidence over just about every aspect of my life recently.

Can I be a full time Mum? – This was the question I asked myself many, many times after my work redundancy was accepted. I am still here and loving it,
Can I be maternal? - This is not something I had previously been any good at, not that I didn’t love my children but I have always needed work to keep sanity.
Can I lose weight? – Yes 4.5 stone later and it that seems to be working
Can I improve my cooking ability? – Sadly it seems I make more errors than successes but I still try and I am happy with that

The biggest crisis of confidence over the last few months came for me in the form of blogging, after the lovely people at TheBabyWebsite.com agreed to sponsor me I was elated but terrified. Typing in front of a screen not having to be viewed is one thing however meeting and greeting a room full of 500 bloggers was something completely different.
My BritMums Live badge
On arriving in London I was met by some of my super blogging chums and we set off, who knew it would turn out to be one of the most awe inspiring, emotionally charged, emotive weekends of my adult life!

I was totally out of my comfort zone and spent half of my weekend searching peoples chest for their name badges (no I am not really a perv) as it seem us bloggers know more about the blogs we read and the content within them than we do about what that blogger looks like and it felt great. With informative workshops and plenty of cake you really can’t go far wrong!

I laughed and cried and most of all I truly felt accepted at being part of such an amazing community that I have never felt more contented on my blogging journey … This is me: The Oliver’s Madhouse and I AM A BLOGGER!

Jaime Oliver
July 2013

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