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Ground-breaking baby clothes brand ‘From Babies With Love’ donates 100% profit to vulnerable babies.

My son Isaac was born 2 years ago in the late autumn. When the big children’s charities’ Christmas appeal adverts came on, with Isaac in my arms, I felt incredibly emotional and more determined than ever to do something. Becoming a parent fuelled my belief that every baby should have a fair start in life, no matter where they are born.

I thought to myself: if I could buy beautiful baby clothes and know the profit helps babies in need, why would I buy anywhere else? The answer is I wouldn’t!

So I set up from babies with love selling beautiful organic cotton baby clothes; but instead of profits going to shareholders, we donate 100% profit to orphaned and abandoned children.

Establishing a business whose mission is to support vulnerable children has been incredibly rewarding. After just one year we’re already donating our profits to support six babies and two nursery
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schools, across Africa and in India and Brazil. Our profit supports them to live, be loved and cared for, in dedicated children’s villages run by our partner charity SOS Children.

One of the babies we support is little Fabio, who lives in north-east Brazil. Despite all we know and love about Brazil there is great inequality and for many, life is extremely insecure and unsafe. Both Fabio's parents died, but now that he's with his SOS family he has a wonderful new start in life. He’ll grow up safely, loved by his SOS mother, brothers and sisters, and will go to school.

Even though Fabio and the other children are miles away and I’m unlikely to ever meet them, I think it’s so important to help. Of course its not actually us helping, its our customers! A win-win situation: customers enjoy their gorgeous baby clothes and enjoy knowing they’re helping other babies. We call it style with substance!
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by Cecilia Crossley - founder of From Babies With Love
June 2013

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