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To Britmums Live I Go ..... or Not?

To Britmums Live I Go ..... or Not?
As some of you already will be aware, I have been very kindly sponsored by TheBabyWebsite for the upcoming prestigious Britmums Live blogging conference.

If I am honest I am so excited I could burst …… however why is it I am faced with my own guilt at abandoning my family for nearly 3 days to follow my heart and attend the event??

Yes that right I am encrusted with guilt so thick I can’t breathe!! I recently attend a one day event at the Tots100 Blog Summit in Birmingham and I felt no guilt then what so ever… so why now?
I fear it is my inflated maternal ego that’s maybe kicking out the guilt vibes.. As how can my family cope without me? If I am honest with myself I know they are more than capable and will have a great time winging it for the weekend! …. This sends shivers down the spine of my OCD body!

So if we get to the nitty gritty, I fear the only one using my maternal guilt to hide behind is me! I think the real reason is in my little niche behind my laptop screen in my living room I feel safe and my own insecurities as a wife, women and parent are never challenged (even If I blog about them myself)
Jaime Oliver

So let’s break it down:
Bullet What if no one likes me? Not just a concern for school children, there are bound to be people there that like you!
Bullet What if I don’t like some of the others? We don’t always get on with everyone, it’s for one weekend suck it up!
Bullet What if my family don’t miss me? I am sure they will since after 3 days the fridge will be empty and my husband doesn’t like ironing!
Bullet What will I wear? Get a grip as long as you have clothes on I am sure no one will care!
Bullet To Drink in the evening or not? Carrying out the strip tease while hammered is never a good look! so maybe a few to be sociable, then return to Pepsi Max?

So with some honesty and courage I am going to Britmums Live ……. Although I best start packing now and practice my best “please be my friend” smile…

Please Note: If anyone spots a deranged looking idot in the corner attempting a smile, please hand them a Pepsi Max and ask them if they need a friend?

Jaime Oliver from The Olivers Madhouse

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