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Who are Vinnie & D?

Who are Vinnie & D?
After a very large glass of wine or two, Christmas 2011, Vinnie & D was born.

Georgie my business partner & I had walked and walked throughout our pregnancies with our first children and chatted about how, what and where we could set up a business together. We both knew we wanted to work for ourselves and to create a business that would grow and work around starting a new family.

It took a while to come up with an idea to be fair! By then I’d had three children and Georgie two, but to our credit Vinnie & D was conceived. We’d had really good careers in London before coming to the South Coast - Georgie had run a business before and I’d been involved in branding and marketing in various companies in London.

With the high street dying and less risk involved with the internet other than the inital set-up costs, we decided to drive Vinnie & D to become a great online brand selling products designed and made in Great Britain. Jules joined Vinnie & D in 2012, another mum with 3 children looking to dust off the grey matter and look for new challenges outside of her children.

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What we found through the initial set-up and research was that there were so many mums out there creating and running their own businesses too. We have so many individual designers onboard with Vinnie & D - businesses like Clare’s Cotton Company and Recover Me Sarah who all make their creations once the school run is over or when the little people in their lives are tucked up safely in bed.

Vinnie & D’s objective is to supply slightly unusual creative pieces for the home, you and your children from what they consider to be a calm and beautiful website. Vinnie & D want to keep bringing something new, which hopefully you might just might not have seen before.

The way Vinnie & D has always worked with their designers is to feel it’s a partnership. Work and everyday life just has to work for both parties, otherwise what’s the point?

By Becky White of Vinnie & D

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