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Skoda Octavia Review 2013

Skoda Octavia Review 2013
Itís exactly 4 years since I last drove the Skoda Octavia. Back then I remember being particularly impressed with the VRS variant of the Octavia Estate, which I drove up to Glasgow and back.

This time I was to try the newest incarnation of the long-lived Octavia. This is the saloon version of the new Elegance 2.0 TDI, although when opening the boot, there is so much luggage space that - estate or saloon - you have phenomenal carrying room. The supplied (optional) array of luggage nets and straps were a welcome addition, stopping the age-old problem of little things wandering around the cavernous boot when youíre driving.
Skoda Octavia Boot

One thing the Skoda Octavia exudes is build quality. It is so solid and well put together that you really would think you were in something far more expensive. Like the Volkswagen Golf, which I recently said had that invisible, yet almost perfect Ďsomethingí, the Octavia is comfortable, intuitive, classy and most noticeably, is extremely quiet when on the road. It just purrs along with so little road and wind noise that you feel completely isolated from the world around you. It has a particularly confident roadholding too, with a perfect mix of interior comfort and agile handling that more and more manufacturers are striving to achieve. Combine this with the impressive array of features and accessories fitted and you have a car that canít fail to impress.

Skoda Octavia Profile View
Looks-wise itís a very attractive car, with the smooth sweeping lines of the very large hatch reminiscent of the German-designed marques, especially in profile. With the simple and smooth front end complementing the elegance of the profile it really does turn heads, especially when you consider that this is after all, not a BMW or an Audi. Itís a Skoda!

Whatís it like to drive? Effortless is the only thing that springs immediately to mind. Everything about the drive is light, easy and unchallenging. Even setting the driving position is a piece of cake, with the electrically adjustable seats and mirrors. The touch-screen navigation/entertainment system is very quick and easy to set up too, with Bluetooth connectivity and voice control to boot. It really was a dream on the long run we did in it, but itís equally at home on the short hops around town too. Despite its large appearance, itís a surprisingly easy car to park, with excellent all round visibility and proximity sensors making things doubly easy. It has a keyless entry and ignition system, leaving the old-fashioned key fumble a thing of the past.
Skoda Octavia Dashboard

On top of all this the Skoda Octavia has absolutely phenomenal fuel economy with this 2.0 litre offering a quoted 68.9 mpg on a combined run. An optimistic Ďofficialí figure maybe, but we achieved absolutely breathtaking results with our own combination of driving too.

Does it sound as though Iím singing some praises here? Well if it does, they are worthy praises of a car that has just about everything absolutely right and with a price tag that belies its impressive performance, luxury, features, economy and safety. Nowadays itís much harder for a car manufacturer to produce something at a particular price which stands out above its competitors. The Skoda Octavia impresses in every respect and to be perfectly honest I canít focus on any particular facet that I would class as a weakness. Skoda have pulled it out of the bag again!

April 2013

Model Driven
Skoda Octavia Elegance 2.0 TDI CR 150PS DPF
Price OTR £21,990 (with optional extras as fitted £27,345)

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