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Who is Jaime Oliver and TheOliversMadhouse?

Who is Jaime Oliver and TheOliversMadhouse?
Who is Jaime Oliver, TheOliversMadhouse & @OliversMadhouse? Well, for starters, I am a 30 something married Mum of 2

I also happen to be obsessive about being organised and I love to clean! I love to play hockey (badly), love to read and take pictures and to be honest, I love Pepsi Max and cake! This in turn leads me onto my on-going weight loss journey! I am also a lover of the exclamation mark!!

If I am honest I never wanted to be a stay at home Mum - don’t get me wrong I love time with my children but I always felt the need to work.
Jaime Oliver and family
However after a forced departure from the paid employment world I have now settled into a rather fabulous role as a stay at home parent and I am LOVING it! .. Who’d have guessed it?

I started blogging to keep my mind active as I am not naturally 'maternal' and do enjoy my ‘own’ thing, hence the birth of my blogging journey. Initially it was to find an adult area that Thomas the Tank was not necessarily involved in. I love both my children dearly but hell don’t we all need something for us? – Blogging combined both for me. '

The Oliver’s Madhouse is based on the things we do as a family and the things we come across on our journey. After starting blogging I discovered that this online diary is a great outlet for asking for advice and support and this has led to a whole blogasphere of people and methods of communication that I never would have guessed were out there.
Blogging can at times be very hard work and some people do think it’s easy, however for me it is what you make it and for or me keeping it real and about us works just great, this makes the whole thing easier too!
BritMums - Leading the Conversation

This year I have taken the plunge and I will be attending the prestigious Britmums Live 2013 blogging event - this will be my first major event and really can't wait to go. For a fairly new blogger like me this event will hopefully give me the skills and boost my creativity to help me grow my blog and to diversify into social media at a whole new level. With over 5,000 influential bloggers I can't wait to engage and network with such a diverse community.

(And here's where I announced my sponsor for BritMums Live 2013!)

By Jaime Oliver, March 2013

As Jaime has said above, this year TheBabyWebsite will be the official sponsor for The Oliver's Madhouse at Britmums Live 2013. We wish Jaime every success and hope her blog goes from strength to strength!

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