LEGOLAND Windsor - Wahay!

LEGOLAND Windsor - Wahay!
We visited LEGOLAND on Sunday 10th March as the resort prepares to open for Spring and it didn’t disappoint.

My two boys were all talk of the Star Wars Miniland and poor Harry (4 and a half with the occasional attitude of a cornered rhino) seemed to think that this was the reason we’d come all the way from Brighton. He was therefore mildly put off when we skirted around Star Wars and headed for some of the other rides available. His disappointment was momentary however as we veered left down the hill towards the Imagination Centre and the suspended mono-rail ride that we found there.
Fun At Legoland

After this we had tickets for a new short film from Lego promoting their latest range. The Legends of Chima 4D film is a great experience. We’d never been to a 4D film before so weren’t sure what to expect, but officially what you get is some sort of physical addition to the film, like wind, rain, vibration, smells etc. For Legends of Chima the audience was sprayed with water as our heroes flew under a waterfall, wind as we tore through the air and bursts of flame from the front of the stage. The kids loved it and I must admit to being pretty fascinated myself. I’m not sure if there’ll ever be a call for Raging Bull 4D but for this short 12 minute film it was perfect. The 3D was great too and furnished us with a couple of key scenes that had the kids ducking!

Legoland activity
Chima itself looks set to be a fantastic new range. It looks quite similar in style to the Ninjago range (ancient kingdoms, Ninja fighting) but LEGO have peopled the imaginary world of Chima with animal characters that are easier to distinguish for younger kids and also much more friendly. Tom (7) has a few Ninjago sets and enjoys them hugely but Harry has never really taken to them. Chima offers a character list that is much easier to identify and if the film is anything to go by it’s also much more humorous. Harry and even Caitlin (2, going on 23 and a half) knew three of the main characters by the time we left the cinema.

Enjoying ourselves at Legoland
This is a fantastic day out for the family and the kids had a brilliant time. It was cold on Sunday but the best advert for LEGOLAND probably comes from the fact that not once did any of our three complain. From 10 till 4 they sprinted from one spot to another, arms waving, eyes wide, mouths ooohh-ing and aahhhh-ing at every turn. We revisited places that we’d already seen and loved (Atlantis, Land of the Pharaohs) and a couple of places we’d never seen before (Miniland, the Boating School). With new Lands opening this year and some sections we still haven’t seen in our two previous visits, like Knights Kingdom, we’ll definitely be heading back there soon. The kids are demanding it already!

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March 2013

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