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Six Ways to Change Your Diet and Lose Weight

Six Ways to Change Your Diet and Lose Weight
Many women find it difficult to shift the weight they put on while they are pregnant.

.Whilst it can be difficult to find time to exercise and go to the gym, walking regularly and modifying your diet is probably the best way to help lower your weight. Here are six diet tips to help you get back to your normal self as well as stay healthy.

Don't Eat So Fast

If you find yourself finishing your meal before your friends have even got half way through theirs – it’s a sign that you eat too fast! Eating quickly tricks you into eating more than you normally would, if you ate at a normal pace. By savouring every bite and taking your time you will feel less bloated as well as eat less.

Focus on Nutritional Value

When walking down the aisles of your supermarket you will no doubt be lured towards foods that are marketed as good for weight loss. While these meals may be low in fat, focusing on buying food that’s high in nutritional value will be more effective when trying to lose weight.

Eat a salad once a day

By eating a salad once a day – you can make extremely positive steps towards improving your diet and losing weight. Salads containing lots of different fruit, veg, seeds and nuts are great for those wanting to reduce calorie intake, improve nutrition and stay healthy.

Eat Frequently

If you often find yourself counting the minutes until lunch and dinner, you may overcompensate by overeating when it’s time to eat. By eating small amounts more regularly, you will keep hunger at bay and reduce over eating. By planning one or two small snacking options for your day – you’ll be more likely to eat less and avoid binges.

Eat more Nuts

Healthy snacks are hard to come by. By packing a small bag of nuts (not salted peanuts!!) to carry around with you, you can keep hunger at arm’s-length guilt free! While you may hear people saying that nuts are high in fat, monounsaturated fats are a necessity for a healthy diet, so fear not. By diversifying the nuts you eat – you can increase your intake of Omega 3 & Vitamin E as well as regulate your blood sugar levels.

Make sure you have some form of Protein with every meal

Having some form of protein with every meal, whether it be meat or tofu or pulses, can help reduce the feelings of hunger than can lead to binges and unnecessary snacking. You don’t need to be basing your entire meal around it, but it definitely helps when trying to keep your diet in check.

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