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Will My Stress Affect My Unborn Baby?

Will My Stress Affect My Unborn Baby?
Lots of mums-to-be feel stressed in pregnancy, particularly in the early stages.

You worry about possible miscarriage, worry about the right time you should tell your family, you worry about all manner of things. This sort of worrying won't harm your baby, but it's not much fun for you. Tell your midwife what you're worried about.Sometimes a heart-to-heart chat with a health professional is all you need to reassure you and help you feel more able to cope. If you haven't seen your midwife yet, then just see your GP.

It's completly normal to feel stressed in the early stages of pregnancy. There are all the hormonal ups and downs you're going through for starters! No matter how much you think it won't, your life will change very profoundly. Your pregnancy and ultimately your new baby will affect your relationship with your partner, family & friends and will affect your career

Most mums-to-be start to relax and enjoy their pregnancy once their family know and that worrying first trimester has passed. However, if you are stressed over a longer period then these circumstances can increase your chances of some complications, such as premature birth and having a low-birth-weight baby. Some of these complications can also be caused by other things such as smoking and having a low income, which can be stressful it itself!

If you feel that you are perhaps 'abnormally' anxious, your doctor might be able to arrange for you to see a counsellor to help you work through your worries. There's lots of online support available and your midwife should be able to put you in touch with a support group in your local area. The National Childbirth Trust or NCT can put you in touch with other local mums-to-be too.

Some mums-to-be find that relaxation techiques like the ones used in yoga can help you when you feel particularly stressed. When you're in your second trimester, you could start trying out yoga poses. There are antenatal yoga classes in most areas now.

As time goes by, you should start feeling more and more positive and believe it or not you will begin to enjoy the pregnancy!

January 2013

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