Royal Baby Listens To Adele

Royal Baby Listens To Adele
Kate Middleton has recently revealed that she has been playing CDs by her favourite artists such as ‘Adele’ and Ellie Goulding to her baby bump!

What’s good enough for the royal baby is certainly good enough for us – in fact, playing music to your unborn baby can have significant benefits…

Caroline Crabbe from Jo Jingles offers some useful tips and advice to get you and your growing baby moving to the beat:

Did you know that 20 weeks from conception your unborn baby can hear and five weeks prior to birth, the cochlea, the spiral-shaped part of the inner ear responsible for hearing, is usually mature suggesting that prenatal hearing can help infants perceive the sounds of speech. Past studies from experts has also discovered that babies can recall melodies they have heard in the womb even a month after they are born.

Jo Jingles’ top tips for hitting the right notes during your pregnancy:

Bullet  Forget CDs and iPods - the best way to expose your unborn baby to music is to actually sing to him/her yourself. Using the power of your own vocals to comfort and stimulate your baby’s hearing will do wonders. There is nothing Babies love more than the sound of their mother’s voice and it doesn’t matter if you sing out of tune, or you mess up the words – your growing bundle won’t mind a bit!
Bullet  Try to pick songs that make you feel on top of the world, songs that inspire happy memories, make you smile or simply those you love to bop along to. If you are feeling good, your baby will benefit from these feelings too.
Bullet  If you decide to go for a CD, selecting a song that
pregnant belly
makes you feel relaxed and chilled is great, but don’t forget to also listen to music that makes you feel energetic and lively – both types will have a positive impact on your baby. While you’re happy in la-la land, don’t forget to avoid prolonged, very loud music or putting musical devices too close to your bump because this might be harmful to your unborn baby.
Bullet  Probably the greatest tip is to record yourself singing your favourite tunes – then when you are shattered at the end of the day or you simply don’t feel like singing you can play the recording instead (this is great to use when baby comes along too – the perfect soothing remedy for your little one).
Bullet  Singing is also good for you physically and mentally – it can help to reduce pain and it increases your oxygen levels, boosts immunity and sends lots of lovely endorphins to your baby via the placenta.

Jo Jingles’ top tunes to sing to your unborn baby:

To relax to: ‘Close to You’ The Carpenters
Jo Jingles song: ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’
To have a bop to: ‘Reach’, SClub7 or ‘Dancing Queen’ ABBA
Jo Jingles song: ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’
To inspire happiness: ‘Walking on Sunshine’ Katrina & The Waves or ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ Morecambe & Wise
Jo Jingles song: ‘If you’re Happy and you Know it’
To help calm and de-stress: ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Bobby McFerrin or ‘God Only Knows’ Beach Boys
Jo Jingles song: ‘Swing Up Swing Down’ or ‘Head, Toes, Tum’

January 2013
Jo Jingles hold nationwide music and movement classes for pre-schoolers in the UK

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