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Keep Candida at Bay with Healthspan's Probiotics

Keep Candida at Bay with Healthspan's Probiotics
Many mums experience thrush during pregnancy. Find out how keeping healthy levels of good and bad bacteria in the gut can help.

Pregnant women are particularly at risk of fungal infections, and the further into their pregnancy, the more vulnerable they can become to thrush type symptoms due to the change in hormones.
“We all have fungi in our gut and small amounts are normally well tolerated in people with a healthy immune system,” explains Alison Wyndham, a complementary health practitioner and owner of the Wyndham Centres. “However, if the immunity is compromised in any way, the body, especially the intestines, may become susceptible to an overgrowth.”

The power of probiotics

Diet is an important part of treating candida. “It’s vital to take yeast and all sugar and refined foods, even some of the sweeter fruits, out of the diet as they encourage fungal growth,” advises Alison. “Probiotics are a very important part of treatment for candida and can be taken during pregnancy.”
Probiotics, often found in fermented and cultured milk products, pickled vegetables and some meats – as well as in supplement form – are often recommended for good digestive health. “Probiotics help by normalising digestion and boosting the absorption of nutrients from the diet,” explains Alison. “They put the good bacteria back into the gut to boost the immune system and help with digestion. They also help the body make B vitamins, known as nature’s stress busters.”

Healthspan's Probiotics

Healthspan’s Probiotic supplement contains five billion live bacteria that can help balance the levels of good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. For added protection, Healthspan’s Super20 Probiotic supplement has 20 billion live ‘friendly bacteria’ to help protect against fungal infections.

Both supplements contain a premium blend of well-researched strains of probiotic bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. The lactobacillus species is one of the most beneficial strains of friendly bacteria most prominent in the small intestine. What’s more, Healthspan’s probiotic capsules contain no calories, have a long shelf life and don’t require refrigeration.

Just one capsule daily is all that’s required to help maintain healthy levels of good and bad bacteria and keep fungal infections, like candida, at bay. Even with baby brain, we should be able to remember that!

October 2012


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