Full-Figured Fashion Tips

Full-Figured Fashion Tips
Itís time to show off those curves and stop shrouding yourself in shapeless sacks and off-trend tents. Below are some full-figured fashion tips to help you!

Hereís your chance to identify your assets and make the most of them.


If youíve got a bigger figure, you may be lucky enough to have a bust to match. Perhaps you curse your oversized chest for playing havoc with your life, but when were you last measured for a bra? Replacing an ill-fitting bra with one that actually fits could transform things. Get yourself down to a specialist bra store! It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in the long term itís a good investment. Youíll feel and look better and everything will sit where itís supposed to. Your health and posture will benefit, giving your back and bust the protection and support they need. Treat yourself to some sexy plus size lingerie and youíll feel a million dollars.

Find what fits

The clothes you choose should fit well all over. You can look great even if youíre in a T-shirt and jeans, providing the proportions are right. It might be good for your ego to squeeze into something thatís two sizes too small, but you could find yourself very uncomfortable, unable to contain the bits that you were hoping to keep under wraps. Equally, donít try to appear inconspicuous by draping yourself in baggy clothes. Itís best to be honest about the size you are Ė youíll look better if you acknowledge it and dress accordingly. It can be a challenge finding clothes that fit well but once you know your measurements, you might enjoy exploring the latest plus size fashions online. If youíre hitting the shops, go with an objective and honest friend.

Less is More

A good rule of thumb: conceal,
curvy woman
donít reveal. Obviously you want to show off your assets, but generally youíll look more stylish and appealing if you donít bare all. Sleeves that flow and drape can look fantastic Ė choose between quarter length, half arm or full length. Itís not about the size of your thighs Ė as a rule itís best to keep these under cover, however slender they are. Opt for skirts that sit on the knee or anywhere below. When it comes to your top half, avoid the muffin top look by spurning tops that expose your midriff or hipsters that sit too low.


Loud and garish patterns such as spots, checks, flowers, thick stripes and patterns are best avoided, as they can look stretched and draw attention to parts of your body that youíd rather underplay. Finer prints can work beautifully and show off the contours of your curves in a subtle way. Stick to single colours, mixing and matching complimentary shades.


Once youíre dressed in clothes that fit and suit you, youíll start to feel and look better. Think about your poise and posture Ė hold your head up high and keep your shoulders back. Smile! Youíll exude an air of confidence and even if youíre putting it on, you may be surprised at how you encourage a positive reaction from those around you. Invest in a party dress or two from the Curvissa plus size party wear collection.

September 2012

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