Siblu The Best

Siblu The Best
We have already used Siblu in summers gone by and have always been very pleased with the result.

So there was never any doubt that we would enjoy the holiday we recently took in Normandy at Sibluís Domaine de Litteau. These sites have always proven to be clean, relaxed affairs in gorgeous spots throughout France, and Domaine de Litteau did not disappoint. The area is fantastic with forests to explore and beautiful beaches that are great for a day out but which also carry the historical weight of 1944. The site rests about 40 minutes from these beaches and less time than that to the historical city of Bayeaux. Add to this a whole swathe of picturesque little towns within driving distance and youíll see that itís the perfect base to explore the north of France.

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Harry and Caitlin in their Siblu bunk bedroom
The site was without a shadow of a doubt one of the best we have ever visited and we were pleased to see that it seemed to be run completely by French people, and primarily used by French people too. We liked this because itís usually a good sign if somewhere is popular with the people who live there, and this certainly was the case with the Domaine de Litteau site. The atmosphere was friendly, the staff very helpful and we really felt as though we were far, far away from our ordinary lives and concerns. From the moment we arrived, everything seemed incredibly serene, with beautifully manicured lawns and carefully planned areas of interest, such as the fields and courts for kids and even a pond for anglers.

Good Site for Young Families

Unlike other sites, there were few takeaway shops or evening facilities. In truth there were two short aisles of essential
Caitlin in caravan
foodstuffs in Reception -which also served as Tourist Information- and a bar, which sold fresh bread and croissants in the morning and drinks and meals in the evening. There was also a laundry. This dearth of extras might not suit everyone but for us it was perfect as it meant that the site had a laid-back feel. With several small towns within an easy drive we chose to buy our food at local supermarkets and threw together a BBQ most nights. Sitting outside in the early evening sun, with the heat of the day cooling and the quiet night approaching was the perfect way to end our days. The site didnít appear to have any tents, simply static caravans, and this meant that it had a serene, very continental feel with little to break the silence other than some older men playing boules in the waning light. There was a free childrenís club from 5 to 12 year olds but as ours were younger we didnít take advantage of this.

A Safe Place For Children to Play

The homes were positioned in small cul-de-sacs along the small track that wound itself around the site, and this meant that we were able to allow our two children to play outside with little fear of them getting lost or wandering far. Harry does think heís Batman so we had to keep an eye out in case he suspected that Mr. Freeze was approaching but the lay-out of the site meant that this was easily done. Luckily Caitlin, at 2, considers herself eminently more mature than Harry and so she served as an extra pair of eyes. A single track wound around the site and cars travelling on this were child-aware
children in the pool
and mostly moved at a snailís pace. Harry happily buzzed back and forth with us to the pool on his scooter and we always felt relaxed. Also, spotted about the site are numerous kids play areas with climbing frames and slides, all of which means that you canít wander far through the site without hitting a pleasant bit of greenery or a diversion for the kids.

Brilliant Swimming Pool

In the absence of shops the heart of the site was undoubtedly the pool. This was fantastic. Water features that entertained the kids -jets, occasional Jacuzzi bubbles and a small waterfall feature- an enclosed shallow end for babies and small toddlers, a deeper pool large enough to swim in for adults but great for kids and a slide that Harry, our 4 year old, thought was the best thing in the whole holiday, if not his life to date! In the pictures we took it does look unnaturally empty. This is because they were taken early on in the day and the pool did get more crowded. But luckily this was never ĎPrimark-on-a-Saturday-afternooní crowded, more ĎWH Smith-on-a-Tuesday-morningí crowded.

picnic on the decking

Huge Caravan

The holiday home itself was terrific, easily the best weíve ever seen or been in. Two bedrooms (one with bunk-beds) two shower rooms, a toilet and a double that, rather wonderfully, had a small dressing room attached. The kitchen was large and had everything we would need for the week, including a decent-sized fridge freezer. The decking outside which housed a table and chairs effectively added a further dining room as we had great weather, but if the nights were colder you could just as easily eat inside without feeling too squeezed.

Excellent Value Family Holiday

All of this luxury wasnít cheap and with linen and towels thrown in it came in at just under £950. Although this isnít loose change we did feel that it was a decent price for a family of four and was certainly competitive with similar sites. Also, travel on the Portsmouth-Caen ferry took the pressure off us in terms of a lengthy drive. We live in Brighton and drove one hour to Portsmouth and then for about 40 minutes on the other side of the channel, all in all a very comfortable journey which ensured that we arrived refreshed.

domaine de litteau swimming pool
We were always confident that we would visit a Siblu site that was well looked after and where the primary concern was the happiness of the visitors in a clean, safe environment. What surprised us about this particular site was the juxtaposition of a great pool for entertaining the kids in the midst of one of the most relaxed, quiet sites weíve ever visited. The close proximity of major cities like Caen and Saint-Lo, the spectacular Mont St. Michel and the Normandy beaches meant that we never had to travel far for a great day out and could always be assured of returning to a serene home and a quiet night. For anyone out there travelling with two kids under 4 youíll know how marvelous such a combination is. It was bliss.


Dave Fouracre aka "Dave the Dad" is a regular feature writer & blogger for TheBabyWebsite and is Dad to two sons and a daughter
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