Caitlin - Moving On Up

Caitlin - Moving On Up
Caitlin had her first argument with her mum yesterday at approximately 2years and 1 month old.

She wanted to go to a party with Todd from down the estate and needed to get a tattoo first, but we weren't to worry because she'd be back by 2am at the latest.

Well, no, it wasn't quite that bad. But it still counts. She was wobbling around the garden whilst Sarah took the washing in, doing all the things that make toddler-life so incredibly hazardous. This largely comprised of having a sneaky drink of the stagnant water that had accumulated in the Pirate Ship toy and occasionally seeing if she could slam the door on her Little Tikes Log Cabin just close enough to her fingers to make a breeze.

Then she stopped, with that Eureka moment face that tells us that something awesome has just struck her. This face is usually accompanied with a short, expressive 'Oh!' and more often than not ended by 'Mi Beebie' as it strikes her that she has gone an entire 86 seconds without picking up one of her 2,431 dolls.

Caitlin's First Argument
Yesterday it was 'Oh! Mi shooos!' as she realised that she was barefoot. Like all Eureka moments with Caitlin it suddenly became 'The Most Important Thing In The World' that she had her shoes on. I teach years 7-11 and I see this a lot, especially amongst girls. An idea hits them, or someone says something or they see something (it's usually as random as that) and then they have to act on it as it has suddenly and unexpectedly become 'The Most Important Thing In The World'. In school it is 'I have to talk to… I must phone… I've got to give Alisha/Faye/Maisy this before…' and so I suppose with Caitlin we should be grateful that she just HAD to get her shoes on.

Of course, it's never as simple as this. She had to go inside (up the stone steps and pluck a leaf or two from the plant pots for good measure), past the Pirate Ship (a quick dip of the fingers and a taste of the stagnant water), around the table (brief stretch and scan for any biscuits lying about), over the trampoline (just time for a bounce or two), through the living room door (nudge Slinky the cat with a toe and bend down to stare into the sleeping cat's face from 2mm distant), into the hall (grab a spare beebie on the way) and to the shoe cupboard.

Caitlin's Not Cold
By this time Sarah had collected the washing and had come in and shut the door.

Caitlin began the long trek back to the French windows; in reality about 6 yards, in Caitlin-walk about four minutes. She gets there and stops. Hesitates. Computes. And realises that something so awful, so unforseen, so completely unexpected has happened. Eureka!


After all, she has her shoes on now, so it seems particularly unfair that she can't get into the garden, that Elysian land where she had been gambolling until oh so recently. Actually, it's not all that, but kids have funny ideas.

Sarah was folding pants on the floor and so she made a beeline for her, pausing only to scan the table for any left-over breadsticks, and placed her face approximately 2mm from her face. 'Caykin garden!'

Caitlin in her tunnel
'No,' Sarah answered, 'it's turning a little cold, I think we'll stay in now.'

Cue argument and seminal moment in growth and maturity.

'No!' Caitlin said, firmly, in case Sarah did not understand the import of going into the garden now that shoes had been fetched. 'Is not gold!'

'It is Caitlin, it's cold now and we're having tea soon. Let's stay in.'

'No! Is. Not. Gold!'

She calmed down relatively quickly – the swift arrival of food helped - but both Sarah and I looked at each and noted the time and the day.

Bring it on!


Dave Fouracre aka "Dave the Dad" is a regular feature writer & blogger for TheBabyWebsite and is Dad to two sons and a daughter!
June 2012

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