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Your Baby and Teething

 Your Baby and Teething
Your baby's first tooth is an exciting event and yet teething can be a difficult and trying time for some babies.

If you are approaching the teething milestone with your little one then fear not, we have top tips and advice from Munchkin, the manufacturers of clever infant and toddler products.

It's crucial to be prepared in advance so that you know how best to alleviate the pain for your little one. Stock up on the products and remedies of your choice, and look out for tell tale signs that a new tooth is on its way such as irritability, restless sleep or increased dribbling. Most babies love to chew something when teething so products specially designed to relieve pressure and pain are a great starting point. Teething rings that can cool and soothe sore gums are brilliant for this as they provide a way of releasing the pressure building up from the emerging tooth and can be stored in the fridge for extra relief.

Top Teething Tips:

1. Be prepared in advance! It's crucial to know how best to alleviate the pain for your baby so stock up on the products and remedies of your
Teething Baby
choice and be on the lookout for the tell tale signs such as irritability, restless sleep or increased dribbling.

2. Get to grips with all the remedies or if you're unsure, don't be afraid to consult your GP or local pharmacist as it is common for teething to be mistaken for things like ear infections.

3. Never use teething products that you tie around your baby's neck i.e. teething rings, dummies or attachable teething biscuits as these can place your baby in danger.

4. Remember, your little one will seek comfort in you so be sure to have lots and lots of cuddles!

So what are the best teething products? Munchkin knows it's the little things - in a parent's life that often make the biggest difference. From a teething blanket so cuddly soft it turns a toothless frown upside down to a teether toy with different textures and sounds - each Munchkin product is designed to excited and delight children whilst making parenting safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Practical Teething Products

Munchkin's teething range comes with the characteristics you would expect from Munchkin, bright, fun and easy to use and the new range features products including a stimulating and funky Twisty- Figure 8 Teether, a stylish Tiger and Zebra inspired Teething Baby blanket and a cooling Fun Ice Ring Teether so you can rest assured that you will find the perfect products for a painless teething experience for your little one! The range starts from just £2.09 and Munchkin has hand-picked its favourites for keeping teething traumas at bay!

Fun Ice - Chewy Teether: RRP £2.09
Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teether

Teething tots can make for a stressful family, but here to help is the Fun Ice - Chewy Teether! A must-have for teething troubles, the product cools aching gums and can be refrigerated. Also, it features a selection of gentle and textured surfaces as well as being easy to grasp and available in a variety of colours.

Twisty - Barbell Teether: RRP £3.59
The Munchkin Twisty - Barbell Teether is colourful, vibrant and funky, providing your baby with a fun distraction to teething troubles! It features a unique twisting motion and floating rings that captivate your baby and is designed to develop motor and cognitive skills.

Teether Babies -: RRP £5.99
Your little ones will love this fun teether in elephant and monkey designs! A toy, rattle and plush in one, the product offers an exciting and playful solution to teething pain, giving your child the perfect distraction during what can be a very stressful time. Teether Babies - are machine washable and feature a handy link for easy attachment to a buggy or changing bag. Elephant and monkey designs are sold separately.

Twisty - Teether Ball: RRP £3.59
Munchkin Twisty Teether Ball

Ease your little ones pain and discomfort with the twisty - Teether Ball. Shake, twist and roll fun sounds combined with 10 different textured surfaces make for a stimulating and fun solution to teething pain. The product is available in a range of colours and is also designed to build your baby's motor and sensory skills.

Teething Baby Blanket: RRP £5.99
The Teething Baby Blanket from Munchkin is a cool, vibrant and stimulating teething aid that is designed with practicality and comfort in mind. The product has different textured corners and a handy link for easy attachment to a buggy or changing bag. Additionally it is machine washable - perfect for busy, on-the-go mums looking for comfortable solutions for their baby during teething! Tiger and Zebra designs are sold individually.

Twisty - Figure 8 Teether: RRP £3.59
Munchkin Figure 8 Teether

Teething is a great milestone in your baby's development and the Twisty - Figure 8 Teether is the perfect way to ensure this momentous step is as painless as possible! It provides an easy-to-grasp handle and can twist into a variety of stimulating shapes while like many of the other products in the range, develops your baby's motor and sensory skills.

Fun Ice - Ring Teether: RRP £2.09
Soothe painful gums and provide comfort for your baby during teething with the Fun Ice - Ring Teether which can be refrigerated providing a cool gel for your little one's sore gums. It features multiple, gentle and textured surfaces and is easy-to-grasp and available in a range of colours - teething will never be troublesome again!

Munchkin's teether range is sure to have something to suit your needs and provide a practical and fun solution to any teething troubles! The full collection includes a range of colourful and clever bathing, feeding and hygiene products. Munchkin has been redefining the world of baby and toddler products for over 20 years, with the sole aim of ridding the world of tired and mundane products. The Munchkin teething range is no exception.

Visit Munchkin at http://www.munchkin.eu.com for information on where to buy your Munchkin Teether.

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