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How To Prepare Your Home For Twins

How To Prepare Your Home For Twins
Whether seeing those two hearts beating on the monitor at your first scan left you feeling overjoyed or over-whelmed...

One thing's for sure: Space in your home will be at a premium now you're awaiting the arrival of two tiny bundles of joy. But worry not. There are lots of ways parents of multiples can save on space - and money.

Slick Sleeping Arrangements

Breathe a sigh of relief because having twins does not automatically mean you need to double up on nursery furniture. Even cots and Moses baskets can be shared - after all, they were cosy enough when they were sharing your uterus!
Many hospitals even put twins in the same crib. Called co-bedding, it's perfectly safe according to the NHS, and may even help your two babies sleep better, by helping them to regulate their body temperatures and sleep cycles. It may also mean they're able to share your room for longer, something known to reduce the risk of cot death.
As your babies get bigger, you may want to make sure they both have equal room. Invest in a cot divider which fixes to the cot, rather than using rolled up towels or blankets, which can pose a health and safety risk.

Happy Nappy Changes

Preparing for Twins
the babies means double the number of nappy changes. But while your twins may need changing at the same time, you've only got one pair of hands, so you'll only need one changing unit.

A good idea to help you cope is to have mini changing stations in every room you use regularly, such as the living room and bathroom in addition to the nursery. This could just be a portable changing mat that you stash under the coffee table or sofa, with a box full of supplies.


When it comes to weaning, feeding your twins at the same time is the only way to go - otherwise you'll be there all day. If space is tight in your kitchen, consider feeding them in their bouncy chairs at first and then moving on to booster seats when they can sit unaided (use a harness that attaches to the back of the chair for extra safety). These fit to your own chairs and are also portable, so you'll be able to take them on holiday with you, too.


Think long and hard before buying your double pushchair as mistakes can be costly. Don't fantasise about long country walks with your little ones, but concentrate on your actual day to day lifestyle. Ask yourself practical questions, such as: Will it fit in the boot? Can you get it on public transport? Will you be able to store it easily in your home?

Furniture For The Future

It won't be long before your two little bundles are two tearaway toddlers. So what nursery furniture should you get for them that will save space and last long into the future? Bunk beds may be great space savers but you may not be comfortable with your little ones using the top bunk until they're at least five or six. If that's the case, consider putting mattresses to go on the floor for the time being. Then, when they're able to climb the ladder safely, you can put the mattresses on the bunk beds.

Jan 2012

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