How To Change A Nappy

How To Change A Nappy
Changing your baby's disposable nappy is not as difficult or unpleasant as you might think, and once you've done it a few times you won't even need to think.

Shatter those fears and myths about the horrors of nappy-changing by getting stuck in from the start and establishing a nappy change routine. It's all a piece of cake really and, as you'll be changing your baby thousands of times over his first couple of years, you might as well get it right from the start.

Where To Change A Nappy

Make sure you have a regular changing place that's a comfortable height for you, and where you can also keep all the essential bits and bobs - a large chest of drawers in the baby's bedroom is perfect.

Be very careful if it's narrow and high off the ground and NEVER leave Baby unattended. Many people use the floor for changing, but be warned - it's a recipe for long-term backache.

Get your changing place organised. You will need:

Bulleta pile of fresh nappies
Bulletsome wet wipes or a bowl for warm water and some cotton wool
Bulletplenty of tissues
Bulletfresh baby clothes
Bulleta tub of nappy rash cream
Bulleta bin to throw the used nappies in

The Nappy Change Method

Wash your hands first! Yes, you're going to change a mucky nappy - but dirty hands are still bad for your baby's sensitive bits.
Nappy Changing

BulletUndo the bottom half of your baby's clothes or babygro and move it well out of the way.
BulletUndo the dirty nappy but hold it in place for a few seconds - baby boys in particular often have a wee when the cold air gets at their bits.
BulletHold your baby gently by the ankles, lift his bottom and use the old nappy to wipe away the worst of any poo and wee.
BulletThen dump the old nappy..
BulletWipe the whole area that was covered by the nappy, using either wet wipes or warm water and cotton wool.
BulletFor girls - always wipe from front to back to help prevent infection.
BulletFor boys - never pull back his foreskin. It takes months for it to separate from the rest of his penis.
BulletDon't forget to lift his bottom off the mat to check underneath. Gently!
BulletPat dry (don't rub) with cotton wool or a tissue. This will help to prevent nappy rash and reduce the chances of disturbed nights.
BulletCream is next, if needed. It's soothing and helps prevent nappy rash and infections. Again - apply gently!
BulletIf you can leave the nappy off for a little while, let your baby have a kick-about to help keep that little bottom free of nappy rash.
BulletLift his bottom off the mat - again by the ankles - and slide a clean nappy underneath.
BulletThe front of the nappy goes between the legs. Fasten it. Not too tight - make sure you can slide a finger easily around the inside of the waistband.
BulletDress your Baby. Then, and most importantly, give him a big kiss and a big hug.

Now wash your hands and put your feet up.
See, wasn't so bad after all, was it!

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