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Easy Ways For Busy Mums To Get More Active

Easy Ways For Busy Mums To Get More Active
For busy mums, finding the time to be more active may seem like an uphill battle.

If you're running around after the children, while juggling a job and keeping the household in order, then it may seem difficult to grab some 'me' time to concentrate on your own health and fitness.

But according to the experts from weight loss company Slimavite, there are some easy ways for even the busiest of mums to start building more physical activity into their daily routines - and to have a little fun along the way!

Personal trainer Simon Parker explains: 'If you want to improve your fitness, but you're short on time, and the thought of joining a gym or bearing all at the swimming pool brings you out in a cold sweat, then don't panic.
Simon Parker - Personal Trainer

'Whatever your current fitness levels, there is now so much choice, and so many new and fun things for you to try, whether on your own, with friends or as a family.

'Building regular, moderate activity into your week will not only aid weight loss but also work wonders for your health. Not forgetting, it can help your well-being in all sorts of other ways too - from improved sleep, to increased stamina, improving your mood and helping to relieve the stresses and tension of everyday life.'

To help you get started, here is Simon's guide to the top ten fitness ideas for hard working mums:

Top 10 Fitness Ideas

Tip 1: Get walking - A brisk walk is one of the best and easiest ways to get some exercise. Not to mention it's free! And the good news is the calories you burn are down to the distance you travel not the speed, so you'll be doing good with every step. Why not see if your child's school operates a walking bus club?

Tip 2: Pet power - If you're a dog owner then you have the perfect excuse to get more active - plus you have a willing companion! Plan with the children where you may take your dog on an adventure at the weekend. Maybe it can be a long walk in the countryside, to visit a local forest, or for a walk along a dog-friendly beach.

Tip 3: Look around locally to see if there are any mum and baby fitness classes, where you can take your buggy and baby along.

Tip 4: Make it a family affair - Plan family days out which are active. This doesn't have to mean spending a fortune at local attractions. Plan a day out exploring, or go for a walk or cycle in the countryside. It is a great way to exercise while spending time together and also promotes positive health for the whole family.

Tip 5: Set an evening each week to go to an exercise class once the kids have gone to bed. Agree the day you will be going and stick with it.

Tip 6: Buddy power - Exercising with a friend is a great way to stay motivated and to help make exercise part of your regular routine. Working with a friend or relative means you can support each other and it's less tempting to make excuses not to exercise! Set a time each week to meet up and go jogging, and as your fitness increases, build up the time and distance you cover.

Tip 7: Fun, fun, fun! - Exercise shouldn't be a chore! Do something you enjoy and you're much more likely to continue with it. If an activity isn't for you then don't force yourself. Learn what are your likes and dislikes. Maybe you prefer to exercise alone, or maybe you feel more motivated when you're in a class or team sport environment.

Tip 8: Plus there's always a bit of home action on the WII fit!

Tip 9: Build up not burn out - If you're new to exercise, then be careful not to burn yourself out by doing too much too quickly. It takes time to build up your fitness levels and you are more likely to get an injury if you overdo it straight away. Set yourself realistic targets to work towards and treat yourself for reaching them, such as buying yourself something new.

Tip 10: Forgive and forget - Give yourself a break. If you have a bad a week and can't face the thought of exercise then forgive yourself. As long as you keep up with your routine in the long run, an occasional slip is not the end of the world. The danger lies in hitting a hurdle and then giving up completely.

Sept 2011

Article provided by Slimavite

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