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Foolproof Ways to Fuzz-Free Legs

Foolproof Ways to Fuzz-Free Legs
Beauty Editor Kim Jones shares her tips on getting silky, smooth, hair-free legs.

There's no denying that keeping your legs hair-free can be a real chore - whether you wax, shave or epilate.

But it's a must-do task (at least until it's time to hide my pins behind my beloved winter-black opaque tights again!)

I tend to wax every few weeks, but also shave in-between, when necessary.
Veet Strips

Waxing can last up to four weeks, and hair can grow back finer than if you shave because you're removing it at the root.

My favourite waxing strips at the moment are Veet EasyGrip™ Ready-to-Use Wax Strips, £6.63 for 20 strips, from all supermarkets and pharmacies. They come in normal and sensitive skin varieties. I also love Bliss Poetic Waxing Strips, £20 for 36 strips (www.blissworld.co.uk).

To finish my own home-wax, I apply Pinks Boutique's After Wax Calming Lotion, £12. It contains soothing organic lavender with no toxins or parabens, and really brings down pore redness and any swelling.

Kirstie Allen, founder of Pinks Boutique professional organic skincare products recently shared some words of wisdom with me on how to perfect a professional 'leg wax at home.'

Here are her top tips :

* Ensure there's no grease or oil on the skin - otherwise waxing won't work. Avoid washing the area with water beforehand - wet hair doesn't respond well to waxing. Ideally, wipe the area with a pre-wax treatment such as Pinks Boutique's Pre-Wax Cleanser (£16.70) to ensure the area is clean and that waxing works effectively.
Pinks Boutique

*The key to a professional wax is to look carefully at which direction the hair is growing - then apply the waxing strip in the direction of hair growth, massaging on, then removing it in the opposite direction. This is vital - the wax will not work otherwise and even worse, can cause lots of pain and possibly bruising.
*For minimal pain, pull the wax strip off parallel to the skin - don't lift it upwards. Speed is of the essence - you have to go fast. Use your other hand to stretch the skin taught. Immediately after each waxing action, place a hand firmly on top of the area to deaden the sensory nerve endings.
*Waxing in the morning hurts less than waxing at night. And avoid the few days around your period - it will hurt more.

If waxing's not for you and you're more of a shaving type of gal, then I've picked up some excellent tips from top beauty therapist Arezoo Kaviani (Arezoo runs a salon in Knightsbridge and her client list includes Claudia Schiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and - lucky lady - Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniel Craig!)

She advises:

• To avoid red bumps it's important not to shave your legs in a very hot bath or shower as this can irritate the skin.
• For best results rub an ice cube over the area immediately after shaving - this will quickly close the pores and soothe any irritation.
• It's also important to use a good moisturiser after shaving. Try Veet Hair Minimising Moisturiser - it works wonders! Applied daily it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, but not only that, it will also prevent your hair from growing back so quickly so you don't have to shave your legs so often.
Queen of ...

I confess to occasionally sneaking my other half's razor and shaving foam to do my own legs (haven't we all?) But since I discovered the lovely range of lady shaving products from Queen of...(the female division of the King of Shaves brand) I haven't looked back. The L'Azor System Razor, £3.99, incorporates 'bendology technology' - this means the head of the shaver bends around your skin contours. And their Ta-da! Shaving Gel, £2.99, is paraben and perfume-free (it just smells naturally of the fresh eucalyptus and tea-tree it contains). The low-foam formula means you can see clearly where you're shaving, so there's less chance of nicking your skin. Both are available from Boots and Sainsbury's.

Blunt razors can aggravate your skin, so I recommend this eco-friendly little device - the RazorSharp, £16.95 from www.razorsharpuk.co.uk. It can prolong the lifespan of razor blades for up to 150 shaves - by thoroughly cleaning the cutting edge of your blades, keeping them sharp after every shave.

Here's to less painful, hair-free pins, ladies!

By - Our Beauty Editor
August 2011

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