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Coping in the First Few Weeks

Coping in the First Few Weeks
Although it is, without doubt, very exciting when you are getting to know your new baby, many parents feel overwhelmed by the responsibility.

In the first few weeks you'll find there is a lot to learn and it's all at the same time!
The changes in your life are, to say the least, dramatic. After all, having a baby is a life-changing experience.

Some Coping Tips

-Concentrate your energy on your baby and family.
-Try not to worry about anything else and don't feel guilty! Babies are very time consuming.
-Make sure you ask for loads of help (from your partner, mother, friends, neighbours) as this will take some of the pressure off you in the first few weeks.
-If you haven't got much support try joining a local mother and baby group as sometimes people with small babies of their own will be the most helpful as they know what it's really like.
-Be straight with your friends and family. If you're feeling tired, then ask visitors to come back later. They won't mind, honest!
-Keep a good supply of nutritious snacks, like fruit, milk and wholemeal bread which you can eat without cooking.
-Practice relaxation techniques such as yoga or pilates and sleep whenever your baby allows you to.

Above all, remember that this period is hard work but it will get easier as you gain more confidence and get to know what works for you and your baby.

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