The Positive Effects of Newborn Baby Massage

The Positive Effects of Newborn Baby Massage
From the moment a baby is born it requires touch to make it feel loved and attached to its parents.

This is a basic human need that helps the baby to not only survive, but to healthily thrive. When baby ailments such as colic and constipation hit, never is the touch of a familiar person needed more.

This is where parents start looking for additions to their already loving care. Something that will help soothe baby before going to sleep, help with digestive issues, as well as strengthen the loving bond between baby and parents.

Babies respond heavily to touch and in the early stages of life, the mothers touch is favoured but dad can soon get involved and work on the connection via baby massage. This offers a child comfort, understanding of sensation and some time with a parent.

Baby Massage and Colic

By massaging baby, this immediately quickens up the circulation and will keep him warm whilst allowing him to relax whilst gazing into your eyes. The relaxation which massage brings about diminishes stress hormones which accumulate when he cries and will also lessen colic type symptoms.

Other physical benefits of baby massage are that healthy growth is encouraged. It improves the immune system so that baby is less likely to get sick. It also improves breathing which will also lead more calm and less fussiness.

Dads and baby massage
There are many benefits on an emotional level. The first, and probably the most obvious, is that it strengthens the bond between infant and parent. Here it is important to remember that it is not only one parent's responsibility to massage the infant. Both parents should participate in this activity so that the infant can develop equally strong bonds with both parents.

When a baby cries, he needs his parents to feed him, change his nappy, or a multitude of other possibilities. He learns to communicate effectively from day one. Cause and effect is a great lesson to be learned during baby massage. Should you touch somewhere that feels uncomfortable, the chances are he will wriggle or cry out. You will stop and he has the effect he required.

Modern methods are becoming more popular. Although considered modern, touch is nothing new. It remains something which offers comfort no matter what the age. Feeling the closeness of this at a young age can help form trusting relationships with parents down the line. The short time of relaxation for both parent and child offers a break from routine, such as bottles, nappies and disturbed sleep. Some time out gives that extra push to cope with harder times.

Evie B Webb
March 2011

A proud mother of three, Evie has used baby massage throughout the early stages and feels very poistive about it. Take a look at Baby Massage.

Baby Massage Helps Baby Sleep

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