Crying Baby

Crying Baby
The average baby (Is there such a thing?!) can cry for up to two hours a day. Some babies cry more, a few cry less but remember that it's perfectly normal for babies to cry!

It's one of the only ways a baby can communicate in the early days. If your baby does seem to cry more than other babies and is difficult to comfort, it can be hard to cope with. And the more stressed you get, the more tense baby gets!

Why is baby crying?


Just like us, some days babies are hungrier than other days! Added to that, they are growing by the day and their needs can change quite drastically. Offer baby milk first.....often that will stop the crying!

In need of physical comfort/contact?

Most babies love being cuddled and held closely. They are much more likely to doze off contentedly in your arms than lying in a cot


A burp could be all that your baby needs! If he has trapped wind, then pick him up and hold him upright. Pat his back gently and/or rub in a circular motion.

Time for a nappy change?

Some babies hate having a dirty nappy, others don't mind at all. Sometimes a nappy change will ditract you all from his crying!

Too hot? Too cold?

Young babies are not very good at maintaining an even temperature. If your baby looks red in the face or feels hot, then he could be too hot. Or if baby is pale with cold feet and hands, then he's likely to be too cold. Ideally, the room temperature should be around 20°C for a baby dressed in a vest and sleepsuit,

Over excited?

New noises, a sneeze, bright lights, lots of visitors, laughing.....nothing to us, but can be upsetting to a new baby. All these little surprise noises and changes, can be too much for a newborn.


You can't expect a baby to lie in his cot for long when he is wide awake without play and interaction. If your baby seems bored then pick him up and talk gently to him. This is an important part of his/her learning.

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