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Mums and Dads Have Very Different Jobs In Family Life

Mums and Dads Have Very Different Jobs In Family Life
Fixing toys, finding batteries and putting broken bikes back together are all parenting responsibilities for dad according to TheBabyWebsite's new survey.

The list of 'Dad's Jobs' emerged from the results of the survey which clearly define the roles of mum and dad in the house. Other jobs for dad include dressing the children, playing outdoors, toy assembly and teaching the children to ride their bikes.

But mums get a rotten deal when caring for the children - with their main responsibilities revolving around jobs around the house such as shopping, washing and ironing. Mums are also left to more unsavoury tasks such as cleaning soiled clothes and taking the children for their jabs.

Nigel Crawford, co-editor of TheBabyWebsite.com, which conducted the poll of 3,000 parents said: 'The poll has unveiled a clear difference in the parenting responsibilities taken on by mums and dads. And although dads definitely pull their weight with the kids, the jobs they are assigned to tend to be more fun and less of the dirty work.

'Mums spend hours and hours each day running the house and this forms a huge part of her role as mum - she'll buy, wash and iron the children's clothes, cook for all mealtimes, bake for school competitions and pack the school bags.

'Dads on the other hand, spend much of their time being really hands on with the kids - fixing toys and bikes, thinking up new games and teaching them to ride their bikes.'

The poll shows that when dads get home from work they have a list of jobs as long as their arm - from putting toys together, to working out construction set instructions and helping the children with their homework. Dads are also responsible for the majority of outdoor parenting jobs - such as making dens and building tree houses.

Mums on the other hand are more likely to do much of the admin involved in childcare, including school paperwork, organising birthday parties and responding to birthday invitations. And mums are obviously totally in charge of shopping for the kids - hitting the high street for children's clothes, presents for friends, medicines, Birthday and Christmas presents and food.

Nigel Crawford continues: 'One thing which is apparent from this poll is that mums and dads wholeheartedly embrace their assigned jobs. Interestingly men and women are completely agreed that mums get the roughest deal, but this is probably because mum spends the most time with the children day to day. Either way, it seems that mums are happy with their lot - and seven in 10 think there is a good balance between parenting responsibilities.'

Fixing toys Shopping for the children's clothes
Putting batteries in things Washing the children's clothes
Fixing bikes Ironing the children's clothes
Dressing the children Filling out school paperwork
Playing outdoors with the children Taking the children for immunisations
Toy assembly Packing school bags
Teach the kids to ride their bikes Wrapping presents
Play sports together Cooking dinner
Playing with construction sets Making packed lunches
The nursery run Shopping for medicines
Making dens Organising birthday parties
Taking kids for bike rides Baking for school competitions
Taking children to football Buying toys for Birthdays and Christmas
Discipline Taking them to birthday parties
Teaching them to swim Making Birthday cakes
Helping with homework Cleaning soiled clothes
Reading to children Packing the gym kit
Taking kids to sports lessons School run
Building tree houses Making cakes
Making new toys or games Feeding the children

September 2010

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