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Tips For Packing

Tips For Packing
It appears that British travellers are absolutely hopeless at packing and not only that, it's affecting the environment too.

With Summer Holidays upon us, many of us are already panicking about what on earth should be packed. As well as wanting to look good on holiday, many of us load ourselves up in preparation for any eventuality. A quarter of us spend between two and three days packing our bags for our holiday, but once there hardly any actually use and wear everything they've packed. In fact, over a third of those asked don't use 25% of the stuff they take with them.

This means not only do we struggle to lug around stupidly heavy suitcases, but our overstuffed luggage is now contributing to the pollution of the planet. In an effort to cope with the unnecessary weight, aeroplanes are using more fuel and therefore creating more carbon dioxide. The impact is clear. If a third of holiday makers left that extra 25% of unused luggage at home it would save seven and a half thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere each year. This equates to taking a staggering 2,216 cars family cars off the road each year.

But it seems most of us are completely unaware - or even unconcerned about the implications of our bulging suitcases. The study commissioned by a holiday airline found that half of us have never considered the environment when packing, and that's led to calls for British travellers to start taking into account the impact their heavy loads are having on the planet.

Top tips for packing

BulletCheck the weather before you travel
If the weather forecast is dry and sunny throughout the time you are away then you are unlikely to need more then one warm jumper and one pair of jeans. Jeans and jumpers are heavy clothes so wear them on the flight. Bring an umbrella just in case, but leave your rain coat at home!

BulletThink about the kind of holiday you are going to have
If you love active adventure then by all means bring your hiking boots and heavy duty combat trousers to protect your legs from scrapes. However if you are just going to lie by the beach and possibly do some sightseeing then leave your boots behind, unpack your gym kit and just bring a pair of plimsolls or shoes that you'll be comfortable walking around in.

BulletPlan what shoes you'll wear
Shoes weigh a lot, and yet over one in ten packed five or more pairs! On holiday you don't need to match your shoes with every dress. Instead bring a pair of sparkly flat flip flops or sandals, and a pair of wedges or neutral high heel sandals, which will go with everything. You then just need a pair of flip flops for the beach and some plimsolls for walking.

BulletBring a couple of statement items
A fabulous maxi-dress, an original kaftan or a statement necklace will be all you need to get you from looking chic during the day to looking glamorous at night. Kaftans and maxi-dresses are so easy to dress up or down and a bright print will make you really stand out and feel confident while you are away.

BulletDon't bring a towel
Towels are heavy, get smelly when damp and take up a lot of room in your case. A lot of beach hotels provide beach towels and if yours doesn't you can easily pick up a cheap one once you are away or just use your sarong.

BulletGet a great sarong
A good quality sarong can be used as a beach dress, a cover up, a sun protector for babies, a bag, a head scarf or as I said before instead of a beach towel. Get one that you love so that you'll get the best use out of it.

BulletBring accessories that will work hard
Strings of beads that can be worn as bracelets or necklaces, chunky earrings and necklaces that can smarten up a beach dress and flower corsages that can jazz up a plain boob tube or can be pinned to your sun hat - accessories should be the key to your summer wardrobe. They are small and will ensure that your outfits can look different each time you wear them.

BulletCut down on toiletries
Do you need hair spray, mousse, serum, gel, body lotion, body oil, after sun etc? - probably not. In fact your toiletries bag will be the heaviest thing in your suitcase. Try and cut down by bringing mini versions of your products and deciding what you actually need to get you through the day. Remember you'll probably spend less time getting ready at night as it will be too hot for blow dries and straightening sessions. Also if you are going away with the girls, choose who will bring what. You don't need four bottles of shampoo between four of you!

BulletWhite pants
White shorts, white three quarter length trousers, white jeans, white linen trousers any of the above will work well on holiday as with the right top they look so glamorous. Find a pair that make you look great and wear them with everything.

BulletBring fun jewellery on holiday
Holidays are not the place for diamonds and pearls. If you lost something valuable when you were away you'd be devastated and it is more likely to happen when you are moving around. Instead bring fun, bright, cheap jewellery that will dress up your outfits and look fabulous!

June 2013

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