Awkward Questions Children Ask

Awkward Questions Children Ask
Why? How? What? The words uttered by children that bring dread to the ears of parents everywhere.

A child's curiosity although admirable, unfortunately often comes at an awkward time and can result in some uncomfortable situations. Below there are some answers to some of the questions you might face one day. Perhaps the answers will help you prepare for some of those 'moments'.

Q. If Father Christmas comes down the chimney, what's stopping burglars doing the same?
A. A good question and; one with a very straightforward answer. Father Christmas is magic and burglars aren't.

Q. Why didn't baby Jesus zap King Herod if he was trying to kill him?
A. Firstly, Jesus is a peaceful man, secondly, as you rightly mentioned in your question, he was a baby at the time and thirdly, laser guns hadn't been invented 2,000 years ago.

Q. How can you not like somebody you've never met?
A. Well, you shouldn't. It's just that sometimes you hear about a person from another person and you make a judgment about them before you actually meet them. The thing is, it's just temporary and an unofficial, secret opinion that you are allowed to have until you meet them yourself. At which point, your initial beliefs about this person are either reinforced or you can change your mind accordingly.

Q. Can I keep a nit for a pet?
A. I'd rather you didn't because; it might meet another nit and they'd have lots of babies and we haven't got anywhere to put them, which isn't fair on the poor nits.

Q. When we go on holiday, can I take all my teddies?
A. Unfortunately not. You can take your favourite small one to keep you company but that's it. And that's because; the thing is, there's not enough room in the suitcase for all of them and this particular airline has introduced a teddy tax and we wouldn't be able to afford to go if we took anymore than one teddy.

Q. Can I fly?
A. No. You can do lots of other special things but God didn't design humans to be able to fly. Fortunately he did make us clever enough to build airplanes so you can sort of fly, just not unassisted.

Q.Can I watch Little Britain?
A. No.

Q. Why does that man talk funny?
A. He's not talking funny; he's from another country where they speak a different language. English isn't the only dialect in the world, there are lots of others. We're just lucky, most people from other countries learn to speak English as well, because we're too lazy to learn their language.

Q. Why did my hamster die?
A. He was really old and we you get really old, you die. But he's still very happy because he's in Hamster Heaven now, with all the other old hamsters, running around in a little wheel and stuffing his cheeks with food. And no, he won't be coming back.

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