Pregnant Mums Don't Want Chemicals In Beauty Products!

Pregnant Mums Don't Want Chemicals In Beauty Products!
80% of expectant mums overhaul their daily skin and hair care regime during pregnancy.

Pregnant women become more aware of the chemical ingredients used in a lot of beauty products and rightfully become concerned about the effect these could have on their unborn baby.

The survey by PitRok found that the majority of women changed their moisturiser, body wash, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner during pregnancy. In fact a massive 80% changed their moisturiser when they were pregnant

Nasty chemical ingredients were the main concern for mummies to be, with 85% deciding to change their regular beauty and skin purchases. With a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy, many women had also gone off the scent of their usual products and preferred to use fragrance free.

Before pregnancy, 33% were mostly swayed by price, but once these women had a baby to protect, cost dropped off the radar as an influencing factor.

New mums become keen on products that offer increased moisturisation (50%) and unsurprisingly skincare treatments that reduce the visible signs of stretch marks (85%).

Clive Birnie, from PitRok said: 'Many skin and hair care products contain a mixture of questionable chemicals. Unless you are particularly skin aware, most people don't think about what they are putting on their skin as long as it works, looks nice and is a good price. Once a baby is on its way, women's priorities change and this gives them a reason to find out what they are putting on their skin and if it's being absorbed into their bloodstream.'

April 2010

The survey was conducted by PitRok,the organic skin and hair care company. PitRok produce a range of natural, skin friendly deodorants, hair and skincare products that are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

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