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About us

About us
TheBabyWebsite is a pregnancy, baby and parenting website with up-to-date news, advice, information, features and humour for new and expectant parents.

TheBabyWebsite has a Product Review Section where parents can post reviews of new and existing baby/family-orientated products and old favourites too. We also have a large, popular Competitions Section and Community/Forum where parents can offer help and support to each other or just 'chat' about virtually anything and!

TheBabyWebsite is independently funded and we have no big companies behind us telling us what to say and which products to promote. Because we are a business we have adverts on our site. However we do NOT accept advertising from some companies who sell products that we don't believe in.

TheBabyWebsite has been lucky enough to have been embraced by many respected medical and other professionals, as well as some of the biggest and best known companies in the UK. However, we genuinely maintain a truly independent view on the whole subject of bringing up a baby and continue to resist any pressure to advocate the wishes of any particular manufacturers of baby-related products or services. We feel very strongly that it is better for parents to make their own minds up based on thorough and unbiased advice and information, together with their own thoughts and ideas.

Although based in the UK, we are very much aimed at an international community. We are always open to suggestions from organisations and individuals from any countries in order to make our site enjoyable and accessible to all.

TheBabyWebsite is constantly looking to the future and all the latest technological advances will be used to make any parent or prospective parent's experience of the site as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. Bringing up baby needn't be as hard as it seems. TheBabyWebsite can help all new Mums and Dads find the best for their baby in a way that's best for them.

Come on The Baby Website anytime you want, to get information or advice, have fun, get support ..... or to just simply have a look around. And if there is anything you'd like to see on here that isn't being covered at the moment or if you would like to make any other comments or suggestions about our site then please Contact Us

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