Unwind and De-Stress

Unwind and De-Stress
New mums are really good at giving themselves a hard time for not being perfect

It's really important to be kind to yourself though and make sure you do all you can to keep your spirits high with these top tips.

1. Create a tiny bit of 'me time' and you'll feel calmer and stronger. Find one quick thing to do each day that helps you feel alive and energised. It might be playing your favourite song or calling a friend.

2. Delegate - you can't give 100% of your time and energy every day without getting exhausted so don't try and do everything yourself. Ask others to help.

3. Get talking - if you're having a bad day then talk to someone about how you're feeling. Just talking through a problem releases tension from the body and can really help.

4. Go with the flow for a day - a new baby can dominate every aspect of your life, leaving you feeling a loss of control. Struggling against this new reality creates more stress for so just for today resolve to go with the flow of your day and enjoy it.

yoga can relax and de-stress you
5. Go for a quick walk - research shows that even a quick trip outside can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system and reduce stress and anxiety.

6. Sleep - sleep when your baby sleeps and feed your body with food that restores your energy and is easy to prepare such as fresh fruit.

7. Find others in the same boat - often the only people that really understand what you're experiencing as a new mum are other new mums.

8. Be gentle with yourself - you're doing the best you can and your baby is loved and cared for so focus on what you're doing well and enjoying.

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