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Does My Baby Need a Passport?

Does My Baby Need a Passport?
If you are planning to travel abroad in the near future, your baby will definitely need a child passport and this passport will be valid for five years.

The application forms you need are available from your local Post Office, and the passport should take about three or four weeks to come through.

Baby Passport Requirements

When you do apply, you'll need to provide the completed forms and the following:

Bullet  Two identical photos, one of which is signed by a professional.
Bullet  Documents to prove your baby is British, such as their birth certificate.
Bullet  A Payment of £46.00.

The photos need to be of your baby against
A passport for your baby
a cream, off-white or light grey plain background. This is so their features are distinguishable.

It's possible to take your baby's passport photo in a photo booth but it's not easy. They have to be on their own in the picture so you have to support him at the right height without any part of your body appearing.

Passport Photos for Your Baby

You can get a digital photo you've taken at home converted into a passport photo, providing it meets all the requirements.

Watch the video here:

Sites such as Paspic can check that the photo is acceptable before creating the passport pictures for you.

The alternative is to go to a high-street photographer, although this is generally more expensive. Here your baby will be placed on a white sheet or beanbag for their big moment.

The Identity and Passport Service website has more information.

To see more, go to Paspic now.

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