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Bonding With Baby

 Bonding With Baby
The top baby bonding activity for new parents is swimming or taking a bath with your baby.

New research shows that water-based fun is the most popular choice for mums and dads wanting to spend quality bonding time with their baby.

The top five baby bonding activities are :
dad and baby swimming

1 Swimming and bathing
2 Playing with a baby
3 Cuddling
4 Feeding
5 Holding baby in a baby sling

Jess Thompson,from Water Babies said:
'Parents and babies love swimming together. It's relaxing, fun and a wonderful way to feel close to your baby so it really helps with the bonding process.'

Sharing bath time is also very popular with parents and is an everyday activity that the vast majority of babies seem to love. It could be the combination of warm water and skin-to-skin contact that helps to soothe a baby and settle them before bedtime.

September 2009

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