Rohan's Birth Story

Rohan's Birth Story
Rohan was due on the 14th of December 2007.....

I had waited patiently for him, but now I was desperate to meet our little miracle man, who was conceived with the help of Clomid, due to fertility problems. The day after he was due, I joked to Jason that he was late because he didn't have a bed yet. Bad mother from the outset!

We went to Toys R Us and bought his moses basket and bedding and when we got home I washed and dried it all. I went in the bath and when I came out I put the fresh new bedding into the basket. I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, only to hear Jason shout "What is THAT on the carpet?". It was a show (TMI, sorry)!

About an hour later I started to get uncomfortable and had pains
Vickie and newborn Rohan
every hour or so which continued all through the night but still no closer together, until the following night at 8.20pm when they started coming every 4 minutes. I did actually think I was dying, as I've got the pain threshold of a piece of wet toilet roll, so we went to Scarborough hospital where I found I was only 2cm dilated. I was given some pethidine and went into the whirlpool bath to try and ease the pain as the midwife said it would! Although I remember thinking that a bath wasn't going to touch the pain! What an insult.

The pethidine just made me vomit through the eye of a needle, and two hours later I was insisting on an epidural. I was still only 2cm dilated but Rohan was back to back, and lying with his nose presenting first. I had an epidural and the relief was instant, so for the rest of the time I was quite comfortable. Too comfortable probably as I couldn't feel any contractions. This continued for about another 6 hours and I was really disappointed when they said I was still only 2cm. They managed to stretch me to 3cm and put a probe on Rohan's head to check his blood oxygen, and this is when they realised that he was presenting in an awkward position as they could feel his nose. At 12pm that afternoon nothing more had happened, apart from Jason scoffing a Big Mac in front of me and complaining of how "tired" he was! So they tried again to stretch the cervix.

Rohan standing and smiling
At 4.15pm they broke my waters and as there was meconium in them and Rohans heart rate was slowing, the doctor decided that our little man was in distress and wasn't going to be coming out naturally! So, after nearly 21 hours of established labour, enough was enough. The rest of Rohan's birth passed in an absolute blur, although as I was wheeled for an emergency C-section, I remember feeling panicky as I had never seen so many people assemble in such a short space of time.

The whole place was buzzing, and everywhere I looked there were strangers, and in my drug-induced state I was still being constantly sick and shaking like a leaf. I remember a lot of tugging and pulling and telling the doctor I could feel it on one side. He said that the epidural hadn't taken on one small patch about the size of a 50p piece, but if I didn't stop squealing like a pig ,he would knock me out.

I didnt want to be asleep so I tried not to shout too much, so I was just sick all over the aneasthetist instead. Next minute I can remember hearing the doc saying "this one's a chunky Monkey" and they yanked the boy out. I swear, he looked about three months old. Rohan Edward Robin Smedley was born at 1641hrs on Monday 17th December 2007. He screamed and screamed and screamed and all the while I'm there throwing up into a bowl. He was checked and then passed to Jase and I got a quick kiss and cuddle. He was georgous, but Jase said he had a face that only a mother could love, being that he was covered in gooey stuff. The cheek!

Roahn in the bath
I remember saying to Jase "check that he is a boy", to which he replied "of course he's a boy!", but I said "just check though" - so poor Rohan had to endure being stripped of his little towel just to "check".

I then started to lose a lot of blood as my uterus wasn't contracting down as it should, but thanks to the skill of the doctors and a blood transfusion, I was absolutely fine. The Mooey one weighed 9lb 4oz and didn't fit into his newborn babygros. My mum had to go back to the house to get the next size up. For the next two hours he lay in my arms and every few minutes he mooed like a calf, hence why we call him the Minkymoo or Mooey one.

We stayed in hospital for 6 days, and came home on Christmas Eve 2007. He's such a georgous boy, and every day I feel thankful that we are lucky enough to have him.

Vickie Smedley, mum to Rohan - user name VickielovesRohan

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