Boudoir Bump - Great Pregnancy Photos

Boudoir Bump - Great Pregnancy Photos
I'm Sarah and I was one of the brave ladies to put my name forward to try out a company called FYEO Portraits and have a Boudoir Bump Photo Shoot.

As this is my second and most probably last pregnancy, (with a 20 month old running around the pregnancy has kind of passed by quickly) I wanted myself and this baby to have its own cherished memories. I felt very lucky to be chosen but also apprehensive at the name 'Boudoir Bump'! What was I letting myself in for and would I be brave enough to bare all?

I checked out the gallery on the website and saw all of these lovely maternity pictures of pregnant ladies and wondered if I could look this good a few weeks before I'm about to pop. Already my backside is growing as much as my bump and my walk has turned into a waddle and I'm only five months so how on earth would I get into the moment and feel sexy at eight months pregnant?? Help!!!!!
Bump photos by Boudoir Bump

Anyway, I called up to book my appointment and all of my questions about the shoot were answered - especially the one about it being an all-female studio. I was told exactly what to expect and what I may like to bring along on the day to wear for the shoot. She told me not to worry if I forgot anything as she was sending out an information pack and I could call if I needed anything else. My pack arrived the following day in a lovely envelope with pictures, invitation to the shoot, and information, all wrapped in a lovely bow ...... I'm actually getting excited now .....roll on July, it seems so far away.

Keep looking at the gallery on the website and telling my friends what I'm doing; some think I'm mad; some think I'm brave but all can't wait to see the outcome.

So the day has arrived, Mum and I are driving to the High Wycombe studio, Jess is looked after and we arrive nice and early to make a day of it and stop in the pub next door for a spot of lunch in the sun!!! It's actually the hottest day of the year and I'm feeling hot and sticky and not in the slightest bit sexy but here goes, 2pm and time for my shoot.

Pregnant Bump Photography

After being seen to the waiting-room we are offered cold drinks and given a bit more information about the day ahead. Looking around the room, there are canvas prints of sexy brides-to-be and bumps. I wish I looked like that.
Boudoir Bump

The girls are very friendly and ask me to look through an album so I can see what we are doing and see if I have any preference to the type of shots. I'm glad I have my mum here for moral support as I am getting nervous about being in my underwear in front of a photographer and possibly being photographed naked. Aaaaaah.

We are shown through to the make-up room where I have my make-up applied and it looks both natural and sultry at the same time. Being such a hot day I'm actually starting to look forward to just wearing my underwear!!! The photographer tells me that a lot of mum- to-be are bought this shoot as a joint gift from friends and for £199 and a print at the end it seems like a lovely gift to both give and receive. I'm enjoying my time so far.

Claire my photographer introduces herself and we enter the studio which is dark and lit by spotlights, which creates the boudoir effect! We go through my little wardrobe of underwear and props - yes I left the big maternity pants and bra at home and found some nice lingerie to flatter my new curves! I start to think about her seeing me scantily clad, then a thought occurs that in five weeks time whilst in labour, all and sundry will be seeing a lot more of me than I dare think about and so I think what the heck and pop on my teeny outfit.

Claire guides me through, telling me where to look, how to pose and I soon get into it. Every now and then I get the giggles, but soon feel more confident. My mum looks so proud watching and I relax and have fun, even when she asks me to throw off my little knickers and get totally naked and bare my bum.

I'd never do this normally, even in the ladies changing rooms, but wow I'm feeling quite liberated and sexy, especially when the fan is on me blowing my hair and the sheer material is placed over my bump.

I have seen a shot with a lady lying down arching her back. Can I do that? I'll give it a go!! God knows what these photos will come out like. Can they airbrush that much off of me - ha-ha and what about the cellulite? Hopefully the dim lights will hide it all!!!

After an hour and half we are done. I have used all of my wardrobe and props and was sitting there going through what happens next. Claire will review my pictures, pick out the best ones, around 20-30 usually touch them up for me and then send me an email so that I can log in and see them on-line, I can then choose my 9 x 6 souvenir photograph and purchase any further prints I may want such as a canvas or photo album. I am so excited. How long will I have to wait?

Mum said the photos should come out lovely from what she had seen. We both agreed that the day had been fun, the ladies in the studio were really reassuring and I felt both sexy and proud of my figure for the first time in many months!

Two days later I find an email from Claire ..... it's here, my photos are ready. It's also my Baby Shower and 15 of my friends are about to arrive at my house. Do I dare show them? I take a peek,,,,,

WOW, I am completely stunned. Is that really me? They are
Bump pictures by Boudoir Bump
gorgeous, my body in full almost naked view and it actually looks good; I love them, I almost can't believe its me. My favourite is the laying down shot. I know it's me but it feels like someone else. I would definitely hang that on my wall and my husband would be proud I'm sure. Wait till he sees them.

My friends turn up and we spend ages looking at my pictures on the website. I am so glad that they came though today at my baby shower. What timing! They are all totally impressed at the quality of the photos, the way that they make a size 14 pregnant mum like me look like a sexy goddess. I would even be happy if you asked if my picture could be projected over Trafalgar Square for the whole of London to see, that is how good about my bump and rather large backside Boudoir Bump has made me feel.

I would recommend a Boudoir Bump photo shoot to any mum-to-be. It is money well spent to have a memory like that and to feel so glamorous and sexy in the latter stages of your pregnancy.

The prices of the additional photographs and canvases are on the high side but I definitely want to purchase a second print. I love the silhouette shot where I know its me but you can't see my face. But to compliment it I would like to have a shot with my face in. it's a once in a lifetime experience and I want these photos just to prove to myself that I am sexy.

Thank you to FyeoPortraits and TheBabyWebsite for giving me this experience, its one of the best in my life and I will keep it with me forever.

Sarah Hickey, Mum to 20 month old Jess and member of TheBabyWebsite
July 2009

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