US Twins Born With Different Fathers

US Twins Born With Different Fathers
Jordan and Justin Washington were born only seven minutes apart and are twins yet at the same time they are only half-brothers.

Their mum, Mia had had a brief affair, so when she realised that her 11-month-old twins didn't really look alike and had different facial features, she took a DNA test.

The test proved that the twin boys were conceived by two different men; Mia's boyfriend James Harrison, with whom she is now expecting a third baby, and an unnamed man. There is only a one-in-a-million chance of twins having different biological fathers.

According to doctors, if a woman has more than one sexual partner while she is ovulating, there's a very small chance that different sperm cells can fertilise two separate eggs.

Dr Chris Dreiling of the Paediatric Association of Dallas explained how the unusual conception had happened; 'Because sperm cells take a while to travel and eggs take a while to travel there can be an overlap.'

Mia's husband will be bringing the boys up as his own but they will be 'telling' their children the whole story when they get older.


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