The Day by Day Pregnancy Book

The Day by Day Pregnancy Book
There is a great need for women to be able to access information about pregnancy that is accurate, balanced and accessible.

In The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book, information is gathered from a wide body of professionals. The midwives, doctors, obstetricians and paediatricians who have contributed the core information have between them cared for thousands of women delivered thousands of babies, and provided care and support after the birth.

The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book is the first pregnancy book of its kind that women can turn to every day for a page-a-day countdown to their delivery date. This comprehensive guide offers a page of information for each of the 280 days of pregnancy which includes information on how your body is changing each day, the developing foetus, diet, exercise and advice on coping with pregnancy symptoms and relationship issues.

The book begins with information on how to enjoy a healthy pregnancy; the core of the book gives a day-by-day account of pregnancy with detailed explanations of the physical and emotional changes that take place in your body, along with fascinating insights into the development of your baby within the uterus.

The book also includes:
• A labour and birth section taking you through the delivery, with information from a team of experts, for example a midwife writes about births and discusses natural pain relief and an anaesthetist discusses the options for medical pain relief such as epidurals and the pros and cons of these options.

• Information and advice on the first 2 weeks with your newborn.

• An hour-by-hour account of the first 12 hours followed by a daily account of your baby's development including the physical and emotional after-effects of the birth.

One of the most unique features of this book is that every week

begins with a page illustrated with cutting-edge artwork revealing the development of the foetus, placenta and enlarging uterus and the changes to the mother's body. Every trimester includes full page computer generated images of the developing baby, these remarkable images are incredibly life-like providing expectant mothers with a 'window into the womb' so they can see exactly what their baby looks like and how their baby is growing at each stage of pregnancy.

The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book is quite simply the only book you will ever need for this extraordinary time in your life.

April 2009

CONSULTANT EDITOR of The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book
Dr Maggie Blott: Consultant in Obstetrics And Maternal Medicine at University College London Hospital and Spokesperson for The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists; regular columnist for Top Santé magazine and regular contributor to a number of other pregnancy-related publications.
Publication date: 1st July 2009

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