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The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas
What drives women crazy when it comes to how they look? No surprise that greasy hair and thongs on display have the offical thumbs-down.

But shops take heed, the most annoying thing to women is varying clothes sizes in stores - women want their clothes to fit, so why can't a size 12 be a size 12?

The top ten clothing and appearance style sins which rile the ladies are:

1. Varying clothes sizes in shops
2. G strings on display / VPLs
3. Unwashed hair
4. Hair roots showing when clearly they need a touch up
5. Foundation tidemarks
6. Muffin tops
7. Chipped nail polish
8. Women who wear shirts that are bulging at the buttons
9. Women who drag their feet in Ugg boots
10. Clumpy mascara

Some fashion rules are meant to be broken but the research reveals that it's not just Trinny and Susannah who get riled by fashion faux pas.

And, it would appear that the models themselves don't fair much better either. When asked about what they'd like to be rid of forever, just under half of all women wanted to banish size zero women.

Jenni Trent-Hughes, a behavioural observationist, comments on what gets women riled and why: 'The research has revealed that women really are their own worst enemy. It's not just the magazines and images of beautiful women that put pressure on ladies it's us putting pressure on ourselves. We work harder than ever and have more responsibilities than before. Being a woman in the 21st century has its rewards but it's also tough sometimes. We're tired of being told we're letting the side down in one area or another and we're not going to take it anymore.'

April 2009

Research by 1001 on Tickbox.net

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