Versatile Bean Bags Are Not Just For The Playroom Any More

Versatile Bean Bags Are Not Just For The Playroom Any More
Since they emerged in the 1970s, bean bags have come and gone in various guises and yet they remain as popular as ever!

While previously only used in children’s rooms, bean bags now feature in many spaces and are adapted to various needs. Waterproof garden and outdoor bean bags are available, while leather and faux fur options make great additions to living rooms, bedrooms and more.

Overall, bean bags have something soothing about them. They can establish a soft comfortable look in your home, just as well as they can become your favourite seat. However, with so much choice available, what should you look for in a bean bag?

Bean Bags For Mothers

While bean bags aren’t a good choice of seat for expectant mothers, bean-filled, V-shaped pregnancy pillows are great options.

The pillows will not lose their shape, providing support for back pains. After birth, it can be used to support a baby in the ideal feeding positions and help your child learn to sit.

Bean Bags for Children

Baby bean bags provide a soft and safe place for your baby to rest. Available from leading bean bag retailers such as Bean Bag Bazaar, they provide extra security, allowing you to tuck your baby in and avoid injury. Choose one that is made from cotton to prevent it from irritating your baby’s skin.
Grey Beanbag

Alternatively, why not buy a faux fur bean bag? The different textures will encourage your infant to explore and develop their sense of touch.

Once your child is a toddler, the bean bags will make a great spot for story time - a great safe place for your child to sit.

Bean Bags for Adults

Bean bags can make a great addition to your next garden party. Garden bean bags are water resistant and provide interesting and fun outdoor seating arrangements.

They can also be used indoors too. They’re perfect for relaxing on, and can be stored away and brought out as emergency seating when visitors arrive.

Bean Bags for Pets

Pet Beanbag
Pets have a tendency to hog the bean bag, leaving it covered in loads of hair. If this sounds familiar, get your pets their own bean bag — they are really popular with dog owners!

Bean Bag dog beds are made from strong and hardwearing materials to prevent them from bursting. They provide great support for your dog, and let him sleep happy.

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