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The Rough Guide to Babies & Toddlers

The Rough Guide to Babies & Toddlers
The baby has landed. You're home. Now what?

Kaz Cooke, author of the bestselling and much-loved Rough Guide to Pregnancy & Birth returns to offer her famous blend of funny, reassuring and practical advice in The Rough Guide to Babies & Toddlers.

There's something for every new mum and dad, with help for those who just need a bit of advice on how to wash a bub's ears, right through to parents who don't know which end of a baby goes up and whether it goes in a vase.
The Rough Guide to Babies and Toddlers is here to help, with no judgemental guru-speak about the right way to do things, just a range of solutions for you to choose from, fully updated and checked by British medical professionals and other experts.

With commonsense suggestions including hints from real mums and dads, Kaz's new book provides indispensable 'more info' sections, with recommendations for support services, books and websites on every topic. And there's loads of fun and cartoons along the way.

The Rough Guide to Babies & Toddlers gives a balanced view of how to help little ones feel happy, healthy and secure, while making sure parents don't go compleeeetely bonkers. As Kaz says: 'You can't do or be everything your child wants (otherwise they'd be eating Easter eggs every day for breakfast and you'd be dressed as a giant penguin).'

The Rough Guide to Babies and Toddlers includes ....

Bullet Baby worries, mum's health, feeling overwhelmed
Bullet Bosoms, bottles, barfing, sleeping, crying, coping, bonding
Bullet Mum's post-baby body, (and post-baby sex, if any)
Bullet Dummies, teething, first foods
Bullet Stuff that blokes want to know
Bullet Teaching toddlers how to behave
Bullet How to avoid food fights
Bullet Naps, sleeping routines and getting from cot to bed
Bullet Graduating to the loo
Bullet The latest info on immunization jabs and other health issues
Bullet Toys and games and parties, including insidey activities
Bullet Preparing a toddler for an alien invasion - a new baby in the family
Bullet Kaz Cooke's humorous Parenting Quiz!

January 2009


Kaz Cooke is an author, cartoonist and mum, with a background in journalism and sleeping in. She lives in Australia where her books are bestsellers and divides her time between the keyboard and the couch. Her remaining ambitions include finding a flattering hairstyle before she dies and finishing a hot cup of tea before being interrupted.

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