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Alice, Adam, Oliver and Toby with Santa in LaplandUK
Alice, Adam, Oliver and Toby with Santa in LaplandUK
What a wonderful day we had at LaplandUK! The children were entranced. Where else can you go in the UK to meet real life elves and the 'real Father Christmas'?

Our day started in the departure lounge where the children were greeted by some cheeky elves who gave them their passport for the day and tried to steal their hats.

The children had to go and knock on a huge door which was opened by another elf who let them into the forest. Then we went through the mystical forest where we met Eco, the environmentally friendly elf who taught them a song about the 3 R's (reduce, reuse and recycle of course). Then the forest opened out onto a clearing where the workshops, restaurant and post office opened out onto the ice skating rink and it was there that we met our very colourful guides who showed us around. The children had a snowball fight and played with Rudolf and Comet while we waited our turn to go into the workshops.

In the workshop the children met Hokum the head elf who showed them how to make rocking horse heads and introduced them to his staff. As you can see from the photos, the children had a whale of a time, particularly Adam who got well and truly distracted by Dusty the naughty elf. They thoroughly enjoyed sampling the finished product.....what is it with children and rocking horses?

Toby concentrating very hard decorating his gingerbread man
Mother Christmas was lovely and welcomed them into her gingerbread house and introduced them to her elves who showed the children where they needed to be to decorate their gingerbread man. They handed out sweets and icing and left them to decorate their gingerbread men while they sang another song. Mother Christmas then told them the story of the Gingerbread Man while the elves cleared up.

After that, we went on to the restaurant where we had a delicious meal served by real humans (no elves in the restaurant) and then to the post office where the children drew pictures for Santa and Rudolph and the elves played with the children in the village square.

The excitement was mounting and at last it was time to meet the big
Alice with her lovely, soft, furry huskie gift from Santa
man himself. We were taken into a huge log cabin where we checked in and the children played with the masses of toys and activities provided for them, once again ably assisted by the elves of course. It wasn't long before our name was written on the board and it was our turn to follow the woodland path to Santas house where the children got to see their hero. It was lovely seeing them chatter away to him and I think they were quite surprised that he knew what their favourite toys were and what their teachers names were. Adam discussed the relative merits of Nintendo DS's v Wii's with him and the official photographer took their picture with Santa. By the way, all the children received beatutiful presents.

The children were completely bowled over by the whole 'meeting Santa' experience but the fun wasn't over. We then went back to the village square where we bagged our ice skates and tripped, slipped and generally bumped our way round the ice. I tried my best, I really did but eventually Toby, Ollie, Alice and I gave up while Ellie and Adam stayed on there freezing their butts off.

We then spend the best part of an hour playing with the huskies, eating cake and getting accosted by Rudolph and his posse before wandering down to see the real life reindeer and the Saami tented village.

What struck me was how accessible everything was.....children in wheelchairs were doing the same things as able-bodied children, they even had elves taking wheelchairs on the ice.

It was a beautiful place and absolutely perfect for the children and with the exception of a few niggles I had a wonderful time too. While the cost does seem quite high, you do get an awful lot for your money and if you break it down into the various different activities it's actually not badly priced and well worth taking your children to while they still 'believe' Mind you the one 'non-believer' I took out of my 8 children, had as good a time as the others and swears that the elves more than earned their wages! They were all wonderful.

The only real negative comment I have, involves Toby, my 2 year old. Toby was trying to ask Santa a question and he wouldn't hear him
The children waiting patiently outside Santa's snowy house
out. He was too busy chatting to the older children so maybe Santa could make sure all of the children get to speak to him not just the most vocal. There were no lockers at the ice rink and we weren't allowed to take our bags onto the ice, Like most people I imagine, I wasn't comfortable leaving my handbag and camera sitting around. I would have liked to have spent more time on the ice but couldn't because I was worried about my bags. When we came off the ice we were gasping for a drink and the coffee shops were shut, although they did provide us with a jug of water which was very kind of the staff. A cup of hot chocolate would have been nicer and finally, considering the cost of the tickets I think £10 for one photo of the children with Santa was a little steep. But these were only minor niggles. On the whole, the day was wonderful and my children will be talking about it for years to come. This was one of those moments the children will remember forever and I would recommend LaplandUK to anyone.

Janis Smith, Mum to 8 and member of
November 2008

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What the children said .........

"On Friday we went to Lapland UK and we saw reindeers, Santa and huskie. Then we went ice skating, to Santas post office and had dinner in a log cabin. My best bit was seeing Father Christmas."
Adam, 7

"I enjoyed going to Lapland UK and we saw the reindeers and we went to the Gingerbread House and we went ice skating.
My favourite bit was seeing the huskies."

Alice, 6

"I liked decorating gingerbread men and working in the toy factory. I liked seeing the reindeer and Santa and I loved ice skating and seeing the huskies."
Oliver, 5

"I liked the workshop and the roller skating (I think he means ice skating). I liked the huskies and I gave Santa a cuddle."
Toby, 2

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