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Me And My Thrupenny Bits

Me And My Thrupenny Bits
When embarking on the incredible journey of having my first baby, it was a given that I would breastfeed and the fact that it may pose problems was something that never entered my head.

The breastfeeding workshop I was sent on didn't mention it and neither did any of the midwives I saw.

After I had my first son, whether at home or in a restaurant I seemed to be the most ungainly breast-feeder around. If I did need to go out, I was incapable of simply whipping out a breast when necessary and either had to carry several pillows around with me or express milk in advance. When you first have your baby it's good to get out the house as often as possible and if you dread breastfeeding in public because you can't manage without all the props you might need, you'll be tearing your hair out, stressing about being stuck at home, how your life will never be the same and how you can't wait to stop breastfeeding!

What I really wanted was some sort of transportable pillow or support, that could be used discreetly anywhere I might need to feed my baby. Something that didn't scream 'this is for breastfeeding!?'

Melissa and Aaron
Because I had to support my breast whilst breastfeeding with one hand and support the baby with the other arm a breastfeeding support was and still is essential for me. The only issue I had was the fact that the breast feeding pillows already available seemed far too bulky to carry around and were severely lacking on the style front.

This is when I had my eureka moment and how I came up with Thrupenny Bits.

Necessity being the mother of invention certainly applied here. Designed with my own needs in mind, I could see my bag helping other style conscious mothers to breastfeed comfortably anywhere, which is why I decided to set up my own company, and begin the arduous road of launching a product and getting it out there, whilst supervising a cheeky toddler and having another baby, oh yes and did I mention my free-lance TV production job! Talk about not making it easy for one-self,

Melissa lifting Aaron in the air
Having my bags to use as soon as I started to breastfeed my second son has made all the difference. Plus all the positive feedback I'm now getting from other mothers using the bags is very satisfying. I've still got a long way to go but because I'm benefiting personally from actually using my bag, I'm spurred on to really make a go of this and to continue spreading the word.

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