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The Volkswagen Golf Estate

The Volkswagen Golf Estate
The Volkswagen Golf is a dinosaur! It's been around since the beginnings of time, back when Pterodactyls flew the skies and men in their 30s wore platform shoes and high-waisted trousers.

Back when it first appeared on the scene it made the motoring world prick up its ears and pay attention.

Getting back into the driving seat of the Golf for the first time in many years, I was immediately struck by how 'right' everything is.
It all just feels so right! If I had to personally design a mid-price family car from a driver's point of view I really would use it exactly as it is here. It's hard to pinpoint what makes it all feel so good, but something certainly does. The ergonomics of the instruments, gearstick, contol stalks, driving position and steering wheel are all spot-on.

From the moment you set off, everything's instinctive. Nothing requires any sort of mental adjustment. The whole drive is
The Volkswagen Golf Estate
intuitive, as though the car was built around you. As well as that, the car has lost all of its early Mk1 boxiness and is now a very elegant good-looking car. On first impressions it now looks much bigger than previously, with the beautifully rounded lines, the new smart chrome trims adorning the front and the body-coloured bumpers, but it still remains a very sleek and good-looking machine. The ride is very controlled and balanced, if a little firm at times, but it has such an eager and responsive feel to the whole experience that you simply want to keep on driving. It really puts some of the fun back into it all. The entry level vehicles do not offer as huge a choice of standard equipment as some of the competitors, but in all honesty, they don't need to either. A car is, at the end of the day, a vehicle for transporting you, your passengers and your luggage. When a car does the job as well as this Golf estate does, the optional extras seem to take second place anyway.

It must surely also be one of the most comfortable cars in its class, with loads of support in the latest seats. The adjustment is versatile, offering infinite combinations of long-legged, short-armed, tall, short and all the in-betweens.
Load bay on the Golf Estate
There are loads of handy little storage compartments and drink holders in addition to the cavernous load bay that the estate offers. With the back seats down it offers a load capacity of over 1550 litres, which is quite outstanding in this class of car.

An eight-speaker audio system, 'Climatic' semi-automatic air conditioning and cruise control on the SE TDi version driven enhance the overall experience to make it even more pleasant.

Maybe those platform shoes and high waists that were around when the Golf first appeared on the scene won't be back in vogue for a while, but it's great to see that the Golf still is and that it continues to deliver a better and better package with each new generation. Long live the dinosaurs!

Model Driven: Golf Estate 1.9-litre SE TDI 5spd manual.
On Road RRP £16,805.00

March 2008

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