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What Mums and Dads Really Think About Having Multiples

What Mums and Dads Really Think About Having Multiples
What do Mums and Dads think is the best thing and the worst thing about having twins or multiples?

The Best Thing about having twins or multiples is :

Bullet "Without a doubt the attention you get everywhere you go!! I feel like a celebrity in my street and I've got to know so many people just because they stop and take time to chat"
Bullet "The feeling of joining a ready made support group like the twins club. With my first I didn't get to know any other mums as there didn't seem much point in going to a Mother and Toddler group with a 6 week old but with twins I felt much more welcome"
Bullet "The way they laugh and giggle at one another just kills me. It's the best anti-depressant (apart from Prozac of course !)"
Bullet "The way you can play all 3 off against one another to get things done. I can say "oh well if you don't want to get the milk out then James will..." and it gets done in double time. With practice you can have all 3 working against one another to your advantage."
Bullet "Having two excited little faces look up at you from the cot in the morning"
Bullet "When we go on holiday we can just sit and relax and watch them play together rather than have to entertain them all the time"
Bullet "With 3, there is always one who looks at you and says "I'm on your side mum" - as yet I haven't had all 3 in a strop at once!"

The Worst Thing about having twins or multiples is :

Bullet "The guilt I carry most of the time that I don't spend enough time playing with them or enjoying them because there's so much else to do. If I pick one of them up I feel bad about the other and on it goes."
Bullet "Not being able to just "nip" anywhere anymore."
Bullet "The fear of getting arrested for leaving them in the car while I run into MacDonalds to get Happy Meals because it would take over an hour to get 4 children and I double buggy in and out again."
Bullet "Being made to feel like I've got a disease by some "well-meaning friends". They all look after each others' children from time to time, but because I've got twins they don't even ask. When I offer they say "are you mad ? You've got enough on your plate". Which means I don't feel I can ask them to look after mine and I feel left out."
Bullet "Night times."
Bullet "The attention you get everywhere you go. People just can't stop themselves and it's really difficult when the children have been naughty and I'm supposed to be mad with them."
Bullet "I'm trying to educate my children about strangers but it's so difficult when so many come up to them and me and start talking. I feel they must be really confused about the whole issue and I don't blame them."

March 2008

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